garlic desynchronises brain waves

I had always heard that garlic and onion agitate the mind yet others will say any effect is irrelevant or tiny compared with the brain imbalances we siuffer from anyway. I have phases of eating them and not eating them - my guess is these foods have benefits but drawbacks too - like many foods. I guess people need to do the experiments and find out for themselves. ‘I have been telling people this for years, all you need is a ECG of the brain to see the truth .. it totally desynchronizes the brain and cause us to loose our psychic mind … yes our psychic mind, we are Human not slaves to the race of beings that control us … this doesn’t mean much to most … Garlic is not only repulsive to any one that eats it for hours … but it makes us stupid slow and simple … this is hard for most people to grasp, do the ECG and do the experiment yourselves … read this article on this and you will be amazed it does clean the blood but it also destroys the total mind synchronization of the two hemispheres .. I was heart broken, when I heard of this because I love the smell of garlic and onions … but oh well … once you find out they are a neuro poison then it makes al the sense in the world when you eat it … what happens to you ! … you smell awful and are totally repulsed by others . most are generally being nice not to tell you … YOU STINK .. stay your distance !
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I never could quite figure out what it was that desturbed my concentration, I couldn't link it to any specific activity. But now I see it clearly, the repetitive setting is this: I'm taking a nap and other people are still eating! They are having garlic sauce just like I did. lol

robertbeck, health