Self-Organizing Systems (SOS) - Steen Rasmussen

Since Dr. Steen Rasmussen's Ph.D at the Technical University of Denmark (1985) his scientific activities have mostly focused on pioneering and implementing new approaches, methods, and applications for self-organizing processes in natural and human made systems. These include: Abstract self-programmable matter, which allows computer assembly code environments to program themselves and generate self-replicators from noise. Molecular dynamics (MD) lattice gases, mesoscale simulation tools developed for addressing molecular self-assembly questions. Rational and evolutionary protocell designs to identify minimal physicochemical implementation routes for self-replicating nanomachines. Web-based disaster mitigation and decision support systems that harness the collective intelligence of large stakeholder groups, in particular to address problem complexes with inherent conflicts of interest. Novel simulations developed to address key question about large-scale socio-technical systems, including instabilities in the economy, urban transportation systems, urban growth, and infrastructure vulnerabilities in particular for the agricultural sector.
FLinT - Steen Rasmussen