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RE: could I have your opinion?

RE: could I have your opinion?

Hi Gaby,

Thank you for asking, but no, I'm not interested.

It is my opinion that the practice of blogging, whether done individually or as a group project, is best done in a totally free environment. When the elements of of paid subscriptions, or paying to get published, or copyright restrictions are entered into the equation, that necessary element of freedom is lost.

As an aside, I do write fiction under a pen name which is published freely and with no copyright restrictions whatsover by an organization whose costs (hardware, bandwidth, labor, etc.) all are completely covered by volunteer donations. Though some of the authors who also publish there are read more than I am, I still have a large and growing audience.

I consider writing (and blogging is just one form of writing, with certain other elements added) to be an art, and art should be free.

Roscoe E