Introduction to Para-Healing -

Personal Opinion The number of papers and publications on bio-sensoric healing and natural healing methods (without using any medical equipment or medications) at present is comparable to the number of published Bibles, and threatens to drown the humankind in boundless depths of paper.

The very idea of thoughtless and, what is even more important, unsubstantiated copying of pre-historical errors or pseudo-truths unsubstantiated for today's humankind became extremely attractive for numerous laypersons and dilettantes wanting to get in touch with the great historic pseudo-truth, while there is hardly anything more disgusting and abusive than to lift one�s hand to touch either the Truth itself or the spongers attaching themselves to the Truth.

Should we then be surprised that quite often similar nonsense and aggressive elbow-away methods often succeed in breaking through a way from the past to our present, and from the present to the future, especially since the demand can be related not to necessity or truth, but the value these supposed facts hold for those who are interested not so much in the subject as an area of knowledge, but in the possible ways of its transformation into methods holding no responsibility before common sense, law and society, and, what is more important, turning it into a schizoid mania of fighting a �great campaign.�

Extensive and long-winded hints at the selected nature and concern of �Great Messiahs� and �Boundless Avatars�, who bug out their eyeballs passionately catching their breath while imploring to discover the hidden truths and great revelations carefully alternate with operetta-type arias and hysterical lamentations of supporters of fatal perception of life. Over time it has already transformed the world into a likeness of Stargorod as depicted by Ilf and Petrov, where, as rumors had it, people were born to shave and die to be dissolved in the abyss of universal manure. At times the mixture of choices included a medication to grow hair on billiard balls, or improving erection of the part of the human body, for which the great and mighty Russian language, after much trying of linguists and those aspiring to keep it clean, still have not found a suitable word�

Other ostensibly scientifically fair researchers, who, regretfully, did not know anything about the subject they discussed, would suddenly say something to the effect that from his level of understanding the problem in which he is ot an expert, he believed that those who say they knew things, did not know it as well as they thought they did, because as one such honest and talented worker of science said, �we did do that, and nothing happened.� They use it to say and prove things don�t happen. It comes out even more interesting, when the discussion involves people who did not even care to study the phenomenology of this area of knowledge.

Bosh, bosh and bosh is a fitting name to this legion of human passions. All those things that have the honor to be named among the elite, namely: extra-sensoric perception, bio-energetics, psycho-sensorics and others, are the most natural and most real side of any biological being, namely, speaking the language of science, any protein-nucleonic type of life.

All properties inherent in one human being are inherent also to some extent to its neighbor and there are no special reasons why these qualities should be listed among the elite. It is in no way different from the qualities allowing the human being to make money and keep away the trusting competitors from the commercial trough of the market of social distribution.

Uh-huh, and now what are you about, the reader would ask…

Good question. I am about nothing. Just because… [continued]

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