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Perpetual Motion : Appeal for sponsors
Geüpload door cherrytree-gravitation. - Ontdek nog meer wetenschappelijke en hi-tech video's.
Aldo Costa has worked for 53 years on the creation and achievement of the mythical Perpetual Motion. It is a success ! It is the first gravitational engine. Unlimited energy ! (gravitation) Fully mechanical ! No pollution at all ! But he often had to hide his research. All the people around him (and among them, ordinary persons, doctors or the Civil Service) have always made every effort to put a spoke in his wheel. And this has not stopped yet... And yet Aldo Costa has put up his own money for his project, and has never asked anybody for anything since he was 25. He will be 83 in september 2008. The design of the wheel of Villiers sur Morin cost him the savings of a lifetime. Of course, ordinary persons, mechanics, engineers and journalists regularly come and see him to support him and have Perpetual Motion explained, but that is not enough to remove the obstacles in the way of his project. He cannot develop his project any longer. That is why we here appeal for a patronage to have a wheel built at last, not as demonstration model, but as energy producer. We are considering a wheel of 62 metres in diameter. It will consequently be self-sufficient and produce easy to use additional energy. The matter needs urgent attention : we do appeal for sponsors, in France or abroad! Needless to say that the first achievement of the Perpetual Motion energy-producing wheel will immediately bring international renown to the sponsor or the country that will manufacture it. Considering Aldo Costa's age, we have to hasten so as to avoid the loss of this invaluable scientific knowledge. Isn't there anybody interested in free energy ?
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