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Paul Stamets on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world

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Only recently has the cultivation of exotic mushrooms become a practical endeavor. Cultivating mushrooms is not necessarily difficult: it requires only a willingness to learn, a little work, and adherence to some well defined guidelines. Mushrooms can be grown throughout the year indoors or during a few months outdoors. One of the most exciting innovations in mushroom culture is a concept Fungi Perfecti has been instrumental in promoting: Mycological Landscaping. Mycological landscaping involves the cultivation of exotic mushrooms as beneficial companions to plants in gardens, lawns, or within woodlands. Fungi Perfecti has been actively searching the wild for candidates having strong potential for culinary value. Each year we clone dozens of species having gourmet appeal and test them at our research facility indoors and outdoors. Imagine having a selection of choice exotic mushroom patches, protected in the privacy of your backyard, to be enjoyed through the seasons and perhaps through generations!

For everyone seriously contemplating mushroom cultivation as a business, we urge you to learn the sterile culture skills necessary for spawn production. You will be glad you did. Central texts in helping the aspiring spawn maker to achieve these skills are Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms and The Mushroom Cultivator, treatises we highly recommend. Information on the subject of professional mushroom cultivation can also be found here in our Online Mushroom Information Center. Be sure to take a look.

We keenly sense that fungi will play a pivotal role in new industries of the 21st Century. Gourmet and medicinal mushrooms will continue to appeal to organic gardeners, commercial cultivators, researchers, nutritionists, and ecological managers. Indeed, we forsee a quantum leap in their popularity when the public realizes that these fungi:

* support the immune system, helping the human body resist and fight viral diseases and cancers
* lower cholesterol levels
* represent a pesticide-free alternative to the traditional white button mushroom
* are instrumental in the recycling of wood and agricultural by-products
* can easily be grown by everyone outdoors in your garden or yard (mycological landscaping)or indoors within greenhouses, solaria, or controlled environments.

Through our in-depth classes and information networks, we encourage the establishment of a constellation of independent, organically minded growers whose collective consciousness will define this emerging industry well into the next century. We hope you will join us in this endeavor. The future is ours.
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Podcast Episode: Living Green: Paul Stamets, Fungal Intelligence and the 21st Psychedelic Journey - "How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World." in our "11th Hour" edition. (EveryBody Inspired to Succeed

What is fungal intelligence? Paul Staments, the "Mycelium Messenger" reveals the great ecological purpose of mycelium - earth's new internet. Beginning with his magic mushroom, psychedelic work covered with a DEA License and evolving into a much more robust work that his "mother is happy about" - this interview will prepare you to see a whole new world the next time you walk into the forest. Hear stories from Paul's new book, Mycelium running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World and listen to a deep discussion on mushroom consciousness with the man behind this 21st century manual for healing the earth. You'll understand why mycelium solutions bring new opportunities to detoxifying and purifying polluted water, toxic spills and other ecological issues of today.
Podcast Episode: Living Green: Paul Stamets, Fungal Intelligence and the 21st Psychedelic Journey - "How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World." in our "11th Hour" edition. (EveryBody Inspired to Succeed)

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Paul finds fungal treasure in the Old Growth forest outside of Breitenbush Hot Springs (video by Dusty Yao).
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