The Zeitgeist Armageddon device

5 dec. 2009
01:10	gabydewilde	Howabout we build the ZM Armageddon device?
01:11	gabydewilde	Surely everyone will support us?
	M00R1Z		good point 
	M00R1Z		that way we don't need to convince people to trust is 
	gabydewilde	Fuck em if they cant take a joke
	M00R1Z		:)
	gabydewilde	Blowing everything up seems to be very funny
01:12	M00R1Z		AND we would get a fresh start
	M00R1Z		:)
	M00R1Z		kind off
	gabydewilde	lol
	M00R1Z		hehe
	gabydewilde	no, it would be the end of earth
01:13	M00R1Z		wouldn't we infect another planet eventually with our debris?
	gabydewilde	We should refer to it as making peace
	gabydewilde	the apparatus of great peace making
	M00R1Z		true
	gabydewilde	cure all diseases
	gabydewilde	no more starvation
	M00R1Z		check
	M00R1Z		chck
01:14	gabydewilde	a solution for the banking crisis 
	gabydewilde	all in one nifty package
	M00R1Z		AND quick
	gabydewilde	yes, a very quick and clean solution
	gabydewilde	We should make political parties for it
	M00R1Z		haha
	gabydewilde	in every country in the world
01:15	gabydewilde	then we can stand there and cheer
	gabydewilde	that would be epic
	M00R1Z		haha
	M00R1Z		now that would be an event people would say -> nothing compared to Egypt
	M00R1Z		:)
	M00R1Z		hahaha
01:16	gabydewilde	Yeah, world war 2 would be nothing compared to it.
	gabydewilde	Alexander the great would look like a midget
	M00R1Z		haha
	M00R1Z		that's funny
	gabydewilde	The best part would be finding a company taking on the contract
	gabydewilde	of course that will happen
	gabydewilde	hahahha
	M00R1Z		ANd the insurance company
01:17	gabydewilde	oh, sure
	M00R1Z		for if it fails
	M00R1Z		:)
	gabydewilde	hahaha
	M00R1Z		then you'd be rich as hell
	gabydewilde	vote Armageddon FTW
	M00R1Z		totally irrelevant 
01:18	M00R1Z		:)
	gabydewilde	a failsafe like that would be good, then we can try again
	gabydewilde	Apocalypse today
	gabydewilde	yeah
	M00R1Z		or no 300 years ago
	gabydewilde	we should make up a good salvation myth with it
	gabydewilde	for religious people
	gabydewilde	the rapture 
01:20	M00R1Z		hehe
	M00R1Z		the plot thickens
01:21	gabydewilde	the bomb needs to be big enough to take out the underground militard basses 
	M00R1Z		hm
	gabydewilde	the no manchild left behind policy
01:22	M00R1Z		that's true 
	gabydewilde	we cant have a bunch of militards surviving, that would be fail
	M00R1Z		could be tricky consid. the fact that osama could escape
	M00R1Z		maybe not 
	gabydewilde	I always call him Alibaba
01:23	M00R1Z		hehe
	gabydewilde	can use tesla technology to split the earth into 2 halfs 
01:24	M00R1Z		i love it when someone knows tesla
	M00R1Z		makes things easier
	gabydewilde	there are many like him
	M00R1Z		mhm
	gabydewilde	even bigger 
	M00R1Z		too bad we don't get to see all of the ma. work in practise
01:25	M00R1Z		yeeey for blackshelving
	gabydewilde	Tesla told Walter Russel to put all his discoveries in a big box and bury it some place where he could be sure it wouldn't be found for at least 500 years
	gabydewilde	hilarious
	M00R1Z		i heard that
	gabydewilde	we really are to stupid to see our own enemy among us.
01:26	M00R1Z		they - call 'm they 
	gabydewilde	Ignorance has always been the cause of every problem mankind ever had. But we still accept the ignorant as our equals. lulzz
	M00R1Z		that gives me existentional courage
	M00R1Z		:)
	gabydewilde	that makes us at least half as stupid 
	M00R1Z		true
01:27	M00R1Z		math. 
	gabydewilde	Should just kill everyone who doesn't agree 911 was an inside job. That would give purpose to the event. 
01:28	gabydewilde	Catholics should be fed to the lions, Christians should be decapitated.
	gabydewilde	Bankers should be forced to eat money until it kills them 
01:29	M00R1Z		haha
	M00R1Z		no bankers should store and guard mone for eternity 
	M00R1Z		while we live in our resource based economy 
	M00R1Z		THAT would at least EVENTUALLY get the point across
01:30	M00R1Z		:)	
	M00R1Z		(to the bankers)
	gabydewilde	that is a great idea
	gabydewilde	lock them up in a dungeon to guard their precious 
	M00R1Z		the ball and chain called "Property"
	gabydewilde	yeah
	M00R1Z		haha
01:31	gabydewilde	give them a video screen playing all versions of Scrooge 24/7 
	M00R1Z		nice
	gabydewilde	I just envisioned we should have a military in the Venus project, people can sign up, walk though he door then BOOM.
	gabydewilde	good fun!
01:32	gabydewilde	just blow them up right away
	gabydewilde	hahaha
	gabydewilde	no need for training 
	M00R1Z		haha
01:34	M00R1Z		off to bed 
	M00R1Z		greetink' 
	gabydewilde	c u
	gabydewilde	was fun
	M00R1Z		hehe
	<- M00R1Z has disconnected (Client exited)

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