The servant

	Sunchax_TZM	gabydewilde, soo, what up?
	gabydewilde	hi
	gabydewilde	oh, it was a long chat
	gabydewilde	what is up, in short.... here goes...
	Sunchax_TZM	haha
12:11	gabydewilde	A good idea doesn't matter, people cant make rational decisions with their conscious mind. 
			We have to program them to make them think they want to be free.
	gabydewilde	Have to bypass that what they think to be rational thought.
12:12	gabydewilde	So we have to make a movie
	gabydewilde	But the problem is that this is just an idea
	Sunchax_TZM	yes indeed. but i do not think we need to program em, just destroy theire world image
	gabydewilde	that is to hard
	gabydewilde	they will cover their eyes or look the other way
	Sunchax_TZM	no, not if you work the loose ends. 
12:13	gabydewilde	like: "how does Santa fit though the chimney?
	Sunchax_TZM	and make a active part of the prossese, 
	Sunchax_TZM	hahaha, ya like that XD
	Sunchax_TZM	man, you got this down 
12:14	gabydewilde	now you know what is up 
12:15	Sunchax_TZM	i see, i see 
	gabydewilde	But programing seems easier
	gabydewilde	If you destroy their world image they might replace it with something even more idiotic
12:16	Sunchax_TZM	i do not like programing, there is no point, i want em to know what they are chosing and want to do it.
	gabydewilde	but they are born to serve
	gabydewilde	lol
	Sunchax_TZM	Every member that know why they join the movement can just by there own motivation make others join.
	Sunchax_TZM	hahaha XD
12:17	Sunchax_TZM	hmm, i think i need some sleep! have a good night my friend!
	gabydewilde	sleep well
	gabydewilde	c u
12:18	Antilect	gabydewilde good idea for a movie 
	gabydewilde	"The servant" ?
12:19	gabydewilde	The movie starts with Santa delivering gifts 
12:20	Antilect	:D
12:21	gabydewilde	Antilect:
12:23	Samuel		I think completly crushing someones belief in the current system does wonder.
			But if it happens over a long period of time, you just kind of... accept it.
			That feeling of being overwhelmed by information and actually "waking up" is the effect that is desireable.
			Once you've gone trough that once, you're going to start to question things sooner or later. 
			And if you have the ability to see relations between subjects, you're going to nest it up like a ball of yarn.
	Samuel		That or beating up everyone who does not agree. That works too.
12:24	Samuel		Actually, I think we should stop this "education" and instead of lectures, have karate instructors 
			teaching us how to kick ass. And then we go out in to the streets and beat up everyone until the world is better.
	Samuel		Now THAT is a good plotline for your movie : D
12:25	gabydewilde	I prefer building an Armageddon device
12:26	Samuel		Or maybe we should put up a musical!
	gabydewilde	oh yeah, awesome idea right there
	Samuel		You know, these are all good ideas. I'm mailing them to Peter Joseph as we speak!
12:29	Antilect	Samuel haha
	Antilect	I love the karate idea.
	Antilect	Hi. Do you understand this FACT or do we have to kick your ASS?
	Antilect	Take this DVD and get an extra safe day!
12:30	Antilect	We will find you >�)
	gabydewilde	the movie starts with an ordinary guy gettting a DVD from a good friend of his
	gabydewilde	then the next day we kick his ass and burn down his house 
	gabydewilde	then we give him 3 CD's
	Samuel		Then it is decided! We will put up "Zeitgeist - A musical adventure about karate and friendship"
	gabydewilde	dancing and singing on the rubble 
	gabydewilde	nice
	Samuel		Oh my god
12:32	Samuel		Oh my god
	Samuel		I'm writing all of this down
	Samuel		This will be aaaaaawesome
	gabydewilde	haha
	gabydewilde	kick his ass singing "it is just my job, I'm only doing my job"
12:33	gabydewilde	here is a little something from Asia for you
	gabydewilde	lol
12:34	gabydewilde	boots with "made in china" on the bottom.
12:36	Antilect	Kicking somebodys ass? 
	gabydewilde	leaving prints of course
12:37	gabydewilde	Finally a chance to show off your singing skills Antilect
	Antilect	xD
	Antilect	FFS Gabriel
	gabydewilde	Beyond the bathroom of course
	Antilect	I have a great voice!
	Antilect	Like Snape in Harry Potter.
12:38	gabydewilde	HAHAHa
	gabydewilde	FTW
12:40	gabydewilde	I was also thinking of doing a reverse version of Scrooge aka a Christmas carol 
12:42	gabydewilde	First of all we need a recruitment video for our movie project

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