Thought photography

sci­en­tists have devel­oped a com­put­erised mind-reading tech­nique which lets them accu­rately pre­dict the images that peo­ple are look­ing at by using scan­ners to study brain activ­ity.
ethan melad’s search query challenge: psychic photography | Mrs. Deane
As they are putting cameras in peoples houses now it isn't hard to see what will happen with this. Copying Propaganda is piracy and your thoughts are public domain. Praise Orwell, even the great Orwell didn't see this one coming.

When we get to see the full vulgarity of peoples thoughts on the monitor we will probably all agree it is a great discovery if not the greatest evah. Anything else would be thoughtcrime and a disturbance of normality.

btw, it should be obvious this tech has been around in black ops for many years, the only reason to make it public is to get us ready for it.

One thing (already) has my full support, scan politicians and other government officials for ability for empathy. This is rather easy to detect and we don't need government from those who do not care about anyone other then themselves.

It is interesting really they are perfectly average people but looking at a pile of corpses or a beautiful landscape doesn't trigger different parts of the brain. The perfect sales men. lol

Ok, back to war :)

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