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Greetings to all


Again there will be those who will know much of the Information here, but others will not,

Please take to account the information is of Radical nature, but not intended to attain misconception


Maybe at some time you may have had at least one of the following questions:

*Is there life "out there" (not on earth)

*Is there such things as UFOs

*If so, how do UFOs function

*Is it possible to attain Free Energy, if so, How

*Is it possible to travel to other Starsystems, if so, How

*Is there Intelligent life "out there"

*Is there any Intelligent life on Earth ?

Bla bla bla, etc etc aso aso.

Just recently it was discovered that the Ape has 48 DNA segments, whereas the Human only has 46,

Physically putting the Ape above the Evolution scale,

but Humanity has no problem putting himself on the Top of the Heap !


Ok enough sarcasm,


First I'll explain why the Ape has more DNA Thingies than a Human,

It all started about 450,000 years ago (+- a few years) as a bunch of non-terrestrials came to earth in search for Gold,

They needed this Gold to repair the Atmosphere of their War-stricken half devastated Chunk of Fairly large Nomad Planetary Body, that at this moment is after all this time again flying around in our system, but this time it represents the Base for the Assistance and Monitoring of the Ascension Process on earth,  they are In No Way here to do us harm in any way, the only ones here to do the people of earth harm at this time are the NWO and their brownnosers!
(In actuality its a combination of the NWO derived originally from the Freemasonry establishment, and the illuminati who are derived from a Priest Sect over 3000 years ago,
But its also in reality irrelevant who or what initially is responsible
for the creation of the human form we know as humanity today,
since the modern human form is a combination of an entire smorgasbord of non terrestrial DNA,
my explanation is merely one of the many storys behind the actual truth about the veritable origin of todays humanity,
and its to be realized that behind most such storys there is usually a small to substantial amount of truth and fact)

As these non-terrestrials were mining for gold for quite some time, and also taking to account that since then, at least 70 percent of the actual gold deposits on earth have been removed,

These non-terrestrials (I'll call them ETs for short) who at that time already were of such biological evolution that they were capable of living for many 100,000s of years, decided they were fed-up with the tedious task of mining the gold in the way they had been doing for far too long, and subsequently decided to enhance their options by manufacturing Labor Assistance to their convenience, and as these ETs had ample experience in genetic engineering, decided to Cross-breed their DNA with that of an Ape Race that was at that time available on earth, but not anymore today,

This Hybrid was therefore the combination of Earth Ape and ET,

Only to be realised that this Hybrid was created for only One reason and no other, to Labor for the Convenience of a highly evolved race,

The genetic engineers however were not of such barbaric nature, as they decided to allow their Creation the abillity to verbally communicate, this against the judgement of the other members of their Party,

These Hybrids were also not very long lived, and much of their DNA structure had been Intentionally Reduced to the Minimum, the reasons for this can be a number of things, not to forget how complicated the entire situation actually is from todays point of view, without precise information its relatively difficult to determine the exact occurrences,

Exactly how these Hybrids looked or how they were I don't know, but their overall structure was not as advanced to that of the Neanderthal, this variation of the Hybrid was a later advancement attempt from a far more Benevolent Race, attempting to rectify biologically and spiritually what the previous race had created,

The more benevolent race had actually accomplished a Signed Agreement from the Gold-digger race to refrain from further occupancy of the earth and their hybrid creation after 50,000 years,

For us this seems a very long time indeed, but for Cosmic Races of such Longevity this would be like a year or so,


After the Gold-digger race had achieved the end of their 50,000 year contract, subsequently leaving the earth and their creation behind, the benevolent race begunn improving the overall structure of the Labor-designed Hybrids,

This was a lengthy procedure, since the biological Upgrading must be in parallel to the spirituall and consciousness level,


Humanity has attempted to find what is generally called the"missing-link",

This undertaking is in actuallity entirely in vain!

At this point I must also add that Darwins Theory does comply to some extent,
as often is argued as to the correctness of the theory,
it must be realized that both the eventuality of natural situation fundamented and
artificially forced genetic changes have always been a part of earths history,

As the gradual "upgrading" of this hybrid creation was in process, it came that many other ET Races throughout the many thousands of years had either helped to upgrade, or partly Manipulated some members of the Hybrid Race to some extent either out of inconsideration of the Protocols of the Galactic Federation as had the Gold-digger Race before, or they had other more benevolent reasons to cross-breed their DNA with that of the Hybrid Race that at the time was already more or less most similar to that of the modern Human of today,
since long after that time many non-terrestrial races had left their traces within the biology and cultures of humanity,

Take to consideration the diversity of the human structure we know within humanities history,

Much of the historical cultural and ethnic diversity cannot be explained, or is far too untransparent to acceptably provide an adequate explanation of its structure and origin, and often certain aspects of that cultural or ethnic origin is not consonant with the rest of that particular culture,

Often such inconsistent aspects are ignored or repressed by Historians either due to their unacceptance of such controvers facts, or just because they plainly cannot understand the coherencies,

This has contributed immensely to the disinformation and stultification of humanity, which profoundly inhibited the advancement of humanities consciousness evolution,

Such has alsways been a great benefit to the "Institutionalised, Idealised, Indoctrinated Falsification Misconceptions of the Fundamental Principals of Soul Growth!!

In other words, Institutions of Falsified Truth have always found profit in the disinformation of the people, in order to accomplish their contemptible agendas !!

Regardless of whether these Institutions are of a Religiously motivated structure, a Sect, or simply an indoctrinated philosophy form,


Any information structure that intentionally deprives anyone of their Free Will or their own right to contemplate and Judge a situation, to deprive them of any free decision, in tern depriving those from their own right of Soul-growth,

to intentionally manifest an ambience of False information, to Deceive the unknowing into the acceptance of a falsified indoctrinated Institution,
has no other purpose than to manipulate the people into being part of their agendas, and manipulating them into allowing themselves to be Enslaved, simply because they have been subjected to enough desinformation to not realise how they have been manipulated!

Or because they are too afraid to confess to their being manipulated, either for fear of being stamped as a fool,
or because of their fear of retribution from the Institute that had manipulated them,


As this form of information falsification and indoctrination of this disinformation has been going on for quite a many thousands of years, over 200,000 years to be honest,
its quite simple to understand how hard it is for the people of today to see through the Veil of misconception that holds them captive so well!


During the time of the Upgrading of humanity, it was necessary to enhance the consciousness of the people that once were these Hybrid Labor-slaves, to the point where the biological and the spiritual enhancement were parallel,

But as many different Benevolent Races had taken part in this upgrading process,
there had also been the occasion of interference from a certain race associated to one of the Benevolent races,

This certain race had to some extent kinship to one of the Benevolent races, and therefore was not debarred from contributing to the work that was going on, whereas in actual fact this "not so benevolent" kin race was in all more interested in manipulating the Earth Hybrid Race to their own agendas, that was more or less the beginning of a very very long history of manipulation for the earth humanity!


It basically ended (after over 100,000 years of continuous non-direct interference from the evil kin race) with the subsequent Destruction of the Earth Bases that had for so long acted as the schooling points and genetic upgrading facilities for humanitiy,
the remnants of the devastation can today still be found in those areas,

Tibet, South-america, Svalbard, Atlantic, Africa,

In those particular areas grass will still not grow !


What was left was to say the least "pure devastation",
the entire explanation is very complex, to go further into detail would not be correct since my knowledge of the past is not of such sufficient abundance,

But those that survived the catastrophe could not all return to their own world,

its to be realised that at this time, the Integration process was already in formation on earth,

all that happens on earth to that time is of fundamental importance to the learning process,

as the Benevolent Races had resided on earth to assist the Upgrading of the Hybrid race,

the earth was under the jurisdiction of those races, who coincided with the principles of the Federation,

but as after the catastrophe there were no longer any benevolent race educating the earth Hybrids,
it was the decision to allow for a different approach to the Soul Evolution of those Earth Souls,

thus was the beginning of the Integration Ascension Process as it is in its End-phase today!


Many malevolent races had during the 200,000 years after the catastrophe attempted to interfere in the lives of the Humans of earth, to some extent they had achieved this even to the point of further genetically manipulating certain earth people for their own purposes,
but it is to understand, as "Multdimentional Thinking" is, it will allow for a certain extent of interference, as long as that interference will still coincided with the needed evolutionary soul-growth of the earth souls,


Another way to express this fact is that "Darkness will in one way or another Always Serve the Light" !


I had in the title expressed information of some technical nature,

This will start with an explanation of some ancient knowledge familiar to some people,

As many will know of historic Tales of Magical knowledge and skills that have been roaming within humanities history for quite some time,

it is to be realised that after the catastrophe that shattered the cultivation attempts of the Mentor Races,
and as I had explained earlyer some who had survived, but were either unable or unwilling to return to their own world, (including the survivors of the malevolent race),

these had spent the rest of their lives on earth, most of whom were of highly evolved stature, both physically and mentally/spiritually, but due to them being stranded on earth, isolated from the Technology and life supporting systems their higher evolved structure needed to secure their long life, and maintain their health,

they initially succumbed to the Dense Primitive situation of earth, seperated from the benefits of their home world,


But, these survivors still managed to attain a relatively long life on earth despite their situation,

Many managed to live for many thousands of years, perhaps even to the time of early mediaeval history,
mostly hiding from the rest of humanity, of which they themselves had initially become a part,
Many had during their endeavour to endure their life on earth under the given situation still attempted to maintain to some extent the previous impartation of knowledge in the only way possible at that time, by carefully conferring their knowledge to certain sought out mostly young members of the population, without attracting too much unwanted attention,


Such was the wisdom and knowledge allowing for the understanding of certain aspects of the laws of physics,

Of which much of this knowledge that had during the eons of humanities history become regarded as Magic,

Especially by those members of the earth population who had not the benefit of learning this knowledge,


The same in many respect to the information of Technology that is Not Accessible to the average member of the earth population today,
Information that is deliberately withheld from accessibility to the general public,

that includes knowledge which could allow for all of humanity to exist in an abundance of Freely Available Energy and Supplementation of all necessary commodities and accommodations,

including the "Truly" most advanced Medical Technologies and Treatments!

All this "is" and "has always" been withheld from the knowledge and accessibility of the general public,

Explained away by "politically Correct" members of the Governing Fractions and the Scientific Society,
as being nothing more than "humbug" and "urban-ledgends"!


Imagine being personally confronted with technology of extreme advancement,

Naturally you wouldn't have a notion of what to do with it, since such information is not taught to the general public,

Your first thought would either be to sell the technology to the highest bidder, to hid it, or to hand it over to the authorities who would willingly take it out of your "inappropriate" possession, and eventually or even most probably as their "gesture" of gratitude either "threaten" you not to mention it to anyone, or even dispose of you unceremoniously, just to be sure!

Many had decided the latter and ended up dead!
to their own amazement, after being so politically correct, and abiding so reputably to the authoritative system,

Na na, but thats not the way to treat such devoted brownnosers, but the NWO seems to think it is !

Sending their Men-in-Pink, or was it Black??
Wahtever !! 

Such technological advancements are more than just a "Fancy Gadget" thats "nice to have around the house" !
It represents a life improvement far beyond anything anyone could sufficiently imagine,
not merely the Anti-Gravity Technology, but also the Replicator technology,

many have been introduced to this concept through the Startrek TNG,
but it is to be understood that this technology is more than real, just like any other technology which is beyond the comprehension of todays people, but at least has been manifested into the thinking of humanity in the only way possible by members of humanity Not associated to the agendas of the NWO,

The Replicator Technology being in essence similar to that demonstrated in Startrek, but with the difference of deriving the base Material for the replication process directly from "nowhere"!
At least it would seem to be obtained from nothing, but in actuallity it is derived from the "Electrons" of which there is more than an abundance within the universe,
The Principle basically being, the derivation of the necessary Material through the building of an "Electron Cloud"
which in turn automatically attracts "Protons" and "Sub-atomic Particles" to form Atomic and Molecular Structures,
Specific varietys of Energy-emission are used
in influencing the outcome of the process to derive different Materials,
the entire process occurs within portions of a second or several seconds
depending on the density of the wanted Material or Structure, the Complexity of the Structure is irrelevant,
it could be "slightly" comparable to the function of a Digital Printing Machine,
regardless of the complexity of the Image to be printed, the Printer will take the same effort to print,
only the more Material to be used, in this case "Ink", the Printer would take longer,
To explain exactly how the Electrons are used to create useable material is beyond my own understanding of higher Multidimensional Physics, but part of the understanding is to realise that the universe is initially a Thought Consciousness Matrix, similar to a computer program, and this way it could be understandable at least "why" it funktions!


The same is also to be regarded with Free Energy,
this concept is not only an interesting invisionment, but it has also to a certain extent been implemented,
there are at this moment even Firms or Companys that have designed and Manufactured "fully functional"
Free Energy Systems,
the main problem of this being, that the NWO and all other life-despising egomaniacal Institutions would
ever so much Not want this technology to be obtainable on the open maket,
since such technology would prove that it is more than possible to live without needing to pay for Electricity, or Fuel,
and that "nuclear power plants" are completely unnecessary, and "fossil fuels" are more primitive than the stoneage,

This would in tern make the people "Free" from the "Stranglehold" the NWO has "imposed" apon the people,
which the NWO would definitely not accept,

And by having brownnosers propagating "disinformation", and discrediting such Free-energy Concepts in similar ways as they have been doing with the UFO Phenomenon,
its quite simple for those of the "World-domination-agenda" to achieve adequate misconception to the subject,

To give you an Insight into some "Additional" Danger a Nuclear Reactor poses
that the governments have quite simply decided not to mention to the public,
I will add the following explanation to your convenience,

*During the process of nuclear fission and fusion an atom is forced open an electrons escape. Science and industry assure us that this process is safe, because even though our knowledge of atomic structure is incomplete, any unforeseen damaging effects are prevented by the massive steel and concrete containment vessels. They are correct insofar as containing electrons is concerned, but what they have yet to realize is there exists much smaller particles of mass and energy which pass easily through the containment walls, and which strip off particles from the containment vessels themselves as they pass through. This results in an unforeseen and rapid decay of the containment structure itself - weakening it greatly within a decade - which in turn allows even larger particles (still smaller than an electron) to escape. Obviously, the problem quickly becomes progressive.

And this is only the Tip of the proverbial Iceberg,

 Nevertheless the possibilities for such Free-energy systems however are of such widespread nature,
and the more the subject is brought into the open, the more will be able to realize the authenticity of the concept,
many have already proven the simplicity of the concept, wondering why noone had come accross the idea before,
to the amazement of the NWO, who had hoped the earth people would stay as docile as they had been,
not realizing the earth population is actually far more intelligent than they had expected!

Although this gradual "Awakening" is still a relatively slow process,
for it to really function, the people of earth must beginn to enhance their Consciousness at a far greater pace,
as such to beginn to accept ever more the fact that there is far more to life than they could even beginn to fathom
 if they would not start opening their minds to more "Multidimensional Possibilities"!

Such as I had before stated in another explanation as to the possibilities of Space-Travel,

Many earth people still hang onto the Stonage concept of "Rocket-fuel" Space travel,
as if there were no other methods to travel through the almost endles distances of space,
It would be like using a "rowboat" to travel to another Galaxy,

This is another method used to repress open minded thinking,
using politically correct brownnosed scientists to convince the people there is "no way to travel faster than light"
and "there is no other way to travel to a distant star other than with Rocket Power"

This is absolute and utter "Bollocks" !!

The most pathetical thing is in actuallity not that these experts of deception fool the people with disinformation,
but there are still Sadly So Many People who Still Believe the sheer limitless Bollocks these "false prophets" distribute!
all in the name of world domination, keeping the "sheep" "nice and docile",

Normally, when being confronted with a UFO Technology, there is always or atleast mostly the phenomenon of a Field of Energy being emitted from the craft, sometimes even emitting a glow to the extent of concealing the actual craft,
the Energy Field is normally the direct Product of the Propulsion-system,
this principle is "electromagnetic" and "electrostatic" (High Pressure-voltage),
both will function independant to each other while within the influence of each other,
through this principle it is possible to create a "vacuume" effect around the craft,
this system encapsuls the entire craft in an Enclosed Evironment,
producing an "Inertia-Free" Environment within the Field as a form of "byproduct" to the propulsion-system, 
such will the Craft also be "Screened" from any potential Gravity Field,
enabling the Vehicle to escape without any difficulty the Gravitational Field of any Planetary Body,
 This Field in tern will also propel the Vehicle or Craft in the designated direction,
for the purpose of maneuverability the Craft will have a Field Manipulation which changes the Frequency of the field to adapt to the direction wanted,
this effect is "often" accomplished by the use of usually 3 "voltage adjuster capacitors",
whereas each "Capacitor" can be altered independently,
the structural stability of the craft would in this case be essentially parallel to the function of the propulsion-system,
this is why most sighted UFO have a geometrically substantial and simplified form,
as the Energy-field will inevitably function most appropriately on smooth surface structures,
some will know this as the "Faraday effect",
Initially though, the propulsion-system is often also a "byproduct" of the actual "Power-Generator" of the Vehicle,
this is dependant on the Systems used,
  Some Power-systems are either "Electro-chemical Reaction systems" or "Electrostatic Counter-Rotation systems"
the latter being similar to that of the "Searl Effect Generator", 
As there are a great variety of possibilities for Power and  Propultion System,
and my knowledge of greater Physics leaves to be desired,
I will refrain from any attemt to exact my technical explanation,

  It is however to be understood, that this technology has to a certain extent been achieved by earth scientists since the 1940s, and for obvious reasons has been kept from the knowledge of the general public,
not because of matters of "national security"  thats utter Rubbish!!
only because of the NWO not wanting the people to realize what possibilities there really are,
which they the people are being kept from knowing!

It all has to do with "world domination"!!
An agenda that has been under construction since anno 1773 !!

Nevertheless its also to be realized that the average understanding of Space-travel is nowhere near the actual principles of transport or movement within the cosmic structure,
First of all, Rocket propulsion as I have already stated will get you absolutely Nowhere!
Open Atomic or Nuclear Propulsion is also "out of the question" !
for more reasons than insufficient velocity,
this variation is even more Ridiculous than the Rocket-fuel concept,

In general its not the Velocity that will get you to your wanted designation,
it will be rather the choice of Universal Multidimensional Physics that will initially
bring you to your choice destination,
As the Cosmic Structure is made up of a multitude of Fields, Waves and Layers,
 it is possible to use these cosmic Structures as a Conduit to travel through the universe,

The most common method being that of the use of a Vehicle to travel either within
or along the Fields that make up the cosmic structure,
as I had for instance in the main explanation stated about traveling through the Hyperspace,
being one of the most versatile possibilities,
to which "dimentional-transits" or "wormholes" are associated,

Other than the use of a Vehicle there is also the rather "well known" method of travel
utilizing the Technology of a "Star-Gate"!

Yes, this method is often the most convenient of all concepts,
since there is no need for a "Pilots Licence" !

The disadvantage of this System however,
is the necessity for a "Base Point" Stargate for every Start and End point of travel,
and if a Stargate is used as a Gate into the Hyperspace,
you will need a pilots licens after all,
and normally a Space Craft will be fitted with the needed technology to
access into Hyperspace withought a Stargate,
Furthermore, to access through a Stargate without an End Point Stagate
will be initially possible, but this method is not advisable, as it is subject to inaccuracy!

There are many possibilities to effectively and efficiently travel throughout the universe,
it must plainly be accepted that these possibilities exist,

The same is to be realised with the concept of "Teleportation" Technology,

This concept is just like the rest of Multidimensional technology a Real and existing system,
there are also just like space travel a variety of options to this technology,

One of these options has already become imbedded within the modern verbalism,
the "Beaming" process,
Basically being the separating of the molecular and atomic structure of the entire body or object to
be "dematerialised" and "rematerialised" from one place to another,
this method is basically possible, but it is not quite as it is demonstrated in the Startrek examples,
since there is one thing the inventors of the Startrek Teleportation Concept have entirely disregarded,
and that is the fact that the "Soul" will not be Teleported with the rest of the Body with that method,
and the Soul is the actual foundation for the actual person, and not the Body,
The Soul is not a "gimmick" that a person will "drag along" through ones life like a tattoo,
it is as I have explained in the main explanation text in actuallity the ""Only Real element
of your person", since your physical existence is no more than a projected Thought Matrix Product
of the Universal consciousness Matrix,
a "manifested depiction or illustration" of your consciousness Soul Matrix,
Your Soul is the Matrix that surrounds your Consciousness and makes up your Character,
you derive your Consciousness from your "Soul-creator Parent",
thereafter your Consciousness is encapsuled with a Soul Matrix
which will make up the actual Spiritual Body of your person,
in order to experience life and soul-growth, you are able to manifest yourself within the realm
of physical embodiment, similar to a Program Data File that is displayed via a "holographic projection ",
Your entire Matrix is the equivalent of not only the Molecules, Atoms, Electrons, Sub-atomicParticles,
and Soul, but also the entire Energy wave forms that make up your Matrix, your Thought Patterns as well,
This is where this particular Teleportation principle is explained,
As you are prepared for Teleportation, your entire Matrix would be reduced to the Data File Variation,
this is to practically "switch off" the "illustration mode" of your person,
allowing you to be projected to another part of the Cosmic Matrix,
in the form also known as the "Post Plasmatic" variation,
your physical Form or Variation has been turned to "standby",
this process takes usually under a second,
in that variation, your entire structure is still fully intact, only not applicable to the physical world,
you have been therefore adjusted for the "data transfer" through the universal matrix,
your entire structure can therefore be Teleported to your wanted destination,
Directly as you arrive at your end destination, you will be "Re-adapted" to the Physical world
in that your "physical presentation" will automatically be switched back on,

It is therefore true to some extent that your physical self is reduced to the state of Material Transfer Accommodation,
but No Computer will put your individual Atoms back together, it doesnt work that way,
remember that your entire system is made up of far more than simply your physical attributes,
if a computer needed to Digitally Store every single aspect of your entire being,
it would be far to much data to store, and remeber also that your entire matrix must be
re-assembled at the point of arrival, and there is no computer at the other side to put you back together,
the Startrek concept is an adjusted for TV variation of the concept,

Much of what is demonstrated in the Media comes close to the actual reality,
despite the tons of disinformation,

Where do you suppose these people get their concepts or information,
yes you may have guessed right, not from earth, thats for sure,

There are as previously mentioned also other methods of Teleportation,
but seeing as this explanation has already become tediously long,
I'll simply refrain from further enhancement to the subject,

I'll now leave you with this,
and as usual you will undoubtedly find far preciser explanations of these subjects in other Internet sources,
but I hope Ive provided you with enough insight into some questions you may have had,


4th Oct 2007

"Living on Nothing" Replicator Technology Free Energy and Space Travel
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Knowledge can be given or it can be sought, either way it will free one from the tyranny of a false world built upon Lies, to wish this knowledge is the first step to True Freedom !

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