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* With technology as it is today, especially here in the United States, more and more people are connecting to the Internet everyday. And in 5 to 10 years, almost every household will be online. Either by home pcs, macs, laptops, handhelds, cellphones, and refrigerators, yes refrigerators! The list will go on and on as technology advances as everyone knows. So my first question is probably the most important one.

Who will buy this magazine?

The same people as who read your blog you and maybe a friend or 2 you subscribed to it - as a gift. We can use it to build our personal or professional image.

Newspaper and Magazine sales have been declining .... more and more people start getting their news and favorite magazines on-line instead of reading hard-copies of the same articles they have to pay for.

But some just prefer to read it on paper. They don't get it for free but just a bit cheaper. Our target reader would be the web users.

Investors in the magazine?

It should be owned by the writers I think?

Well as you probably done a lot of research already on your great idea, this might be a tough sell. I think a lot of people would agree with me, but publishing a magazine would mainly have to depend on "Advertisers" that will run their ads to reach a different market.

Thats what is making the current magazines horrible to read.

This is where most of the income would really have to come from to successfully publish a magazine in todays hi-tech world. But even then it might be hard for them to want to advertise in a magazine that people can read on line for free.

They would have to write a blog post to advertise their blog. I think 3 differently priced publishers contracts would work.

But its going to be hard finding people who would invest in this distribution.

Depends on the number of readers.

Have you calculated the startup cost yet? If so, how much will it be? Publishing fees, printing fees, layout fees, etc. aren't that cheap as we would like to imagine.

I thought that we should do that together.Image

Have you contacted any printshops or publishers to get a estimate on how much the fees would be? Are we talking a few hundred copies or thousands? Bulk-mail discounts?

Yes, I looked at services that can print and ship things, the quantum discounts are huge for both print and mail, add revenue  goes up just as fast and I think our motivation is based on the size of the project as well.Image