Telegony, Part 2 : Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine

....But it is not only in relation to color that we find telegony to have been noticed in the human subject. Dr. Middleton Michel gives a most interesting case in the American Journal of the Medical Sciences for 1868: 'A black woman, mother of several negro children, none of whom were deformed in any particular, had illicit intercourse with a white man, by whom she became pregnant. During gestation she manifested great uneasiness of mind, lest the birth of a mulatto offspring should disclose her conduct. . . . It so happened that her negro husband possessed a sixth digit on each hand, but there was no peculiarity of any kind in the white man, yet when the mulatto child was born it actually presented the deformity of a supernumerary finger.
Telegony, Part 2 : Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine

Lord Morton had mated one of his mares with a quagga, producing hybrid offspring, but one of the subsequent matings of the same mare with an ordinary horse had produced offspring with stripes, resembling a quagga. This and other cases were accepted by Darwin as proof that telegony could occur.

Among dog breeders, the popular opinion is that it does, and many of the breeders who look with suspicion upon a bitch which has suffered a misalliance have had personal experiences with which to support their position
Gene Expression: What Darwin Said (Part 3): Heredity

Telegony research has been disposed of as incompatible with current understanding limited to how genetic information is transferred causing stagnation, lack of progress and brain calcification. The work of Dzang Kangeng suggests the possibility for quasi-holographic methods of transferring or altering morphogenetic information and development patterns from a distance using optoelectronics and quartz.
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