Windup technologies

GabydeWilde_ I have lots of business ideas but people just don't understand what the point is, investors and customers alike lol
UukGoblin oh, and with regards to what you've written about c64 days... I don't have much trouble with finding stuff, I've already made kind of a prototype on a breadboard using PIC microcontrollers and arduinos, got arduino to communicate with PC via USB, and I've written most of the code for PIC already
GabydeWilde_ if it takes me a day to explain something to one person the whole project stops making sense to me
GabydeWilde_ nice
GabydeWilde_ did you think about turning it into a product?
UukGoblin yes
UukGoblin it requires some modifications if you want to sell it, like getting rid of the wires and similar
UukGoblin people love wireless these days
UukGoblin but first, we need to get it working for ourselves
GabydeWilde_ have some chick record status messages with the actions :-)
GabydeWilde_ add some echo effect to it
UukGoblin yeah ;-)
UukGoblin like GLaDoS ;-)
GabydeWilde_ howabout doing a video resume?
GabydeWilde_ :D
UukGoblin for the home, I was thinking of using r2d2 sounds and learning them
GabydeWilde_ I have lots of ideas for such a system.
GabydeWilde_ for 10 million I will help you. No payment dealine :D
UukGoblin heheh
GabydeWilde_ deathline
UukGoblin I doubt this sort of thing would make 10M
UukGoblin there's competition on the market already
GabydeWilde_ nah, I'm not impressed with anyones work
UukGoblin x10 is pretty ok I think
GabydeWilde_ [link]
GabydeWilde_ there, debunked you good :)
GabydeWilde_ UukGoblin: [link] ^_^
GabydeWilde_ what is there not to like about those?
GabydeWilde_ lets build it like this !! : [link]
GabydeWilde_ [link]
GabydeWilde_ imagine the total awesomness of such a system
UukGoblin GabydeWilde_, that's why I don't want too much wireless at home
GabydeWilde_ lets not use any electricity where we don't have to
GabydeWilde_ you doubt about the 10 million but what do you think things like this cost? [link]
UukGoblin well I agree, but I do need it in a lot of cases
UukGoblin heheh
GabydeWilde_ we can use flexible axels to wind up our clockwork powerpacks
UukGoblin also, I'd rather use lasers for long-range wifi rather than EM, but they're really fucking expensive ;-)
GabydeWilde_ check out my tech level : [link]
GabydeWilde_ :P
GabydeWilde_ for remote control we use this: [link]
GabydeWilde_ very mature technology :D
UukGoblin GabydeWilde_, you do know that chips exist already that extract minuscule amounts of energy from all of these at the same time?: vibrations, background EM, temperature gradients and something else I don't remember
UukGoblin hahah
UukGoblin light
GabydeWilde_ that is what real nerds want
UukGoblin instead of EM, use infrared
GabydeWilde_ for remote controls, yes
UukGoblin oh
UukGoblin I see your point
GabydeWilde_ technically it is called steampunk and it is very expensive but the billionairs love it :)
GabydeWilde_ [link]
GabydeWilde_ infomercial time
UukGoblin sounds cool ;-]
GabydeWilde_ you want one
UukGoblin let me know if you find a customer
GabydeWilde_ :)
GabydeWilde_ [link]
GabydeWilde_ sold out
GabydeWilde_ $1,666.67 [link]
UukGoblin 'infallible aether oscillators'?
GabydeWilde_ that is what rich people want
GabydeWilde_ if we offer a fully outomated house using clockwork technologies we will be soled out till end of time
UukGoblin interesting idea
GabydeWilde_ picture it anouncing it is now closing the curtains: [link]
UukGoblin but I really don't know yet how to get rid of electronics ;-)
UukGoblin heheh
GabydeWilde_ priceless experience
GabydeWilde_ never seases to be funny either
GabydeWilde_ we can just sell components made by steam punk artists and cut off our margines :)
UukGoblin it is theoretically doable
UukGoblin it will be fucking noisy though
GabydeWilde_ [link]
GabydeWilde_ :)
GabydeWilde_ we have super smooth synthetic bearings nowadays
UukGoblin hm
GabydeWilde_ [link]
GabydeWilde_ coefficient of friction - 0,003 - 0,007
GabydeWilde_ lol
GabydeWilde_ [link]

I told you people don't understand the awesomeness of my ideas.

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