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The ancient truth that the  health of the human magnetic field or bio field  is crucial to the overall health of the person has been explored extensively and demonstrated as fact by the military and  scientist for decades. For example, the use of extremely low frequency radio waves (ELF's) to influence a targets mind, or the use of colors to bring about certain responses such as hunger, anger etc.  Start noticing that most of the fast food restaurants use the same colors in their advertisements. Compare the colors used by Burger King and Mac Donald's, Sonic and Wendy's etc. Their executives are aware that colors can influence peoples behavior. The fact is  your aura or magnetic field that surrounds you is composed of many different colors and frequencies that reflects the nature of your emotions, mental health, spirituality and physical health. Your magnetic field is literally part of the blueprint of who you are.  These facts aren't even debatable anymore and those in the know are well aware that when the  "aura" of a person is weak that the organism experiences sickness both mentally as well as physically.
higher science research institute

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