German Cancer Therapies: Natural and Conventional Medicines That Offer Hope and Healing

Written by an award-winning medical journalist, this is the first book to discuss the complementary therapies used by German doctors for the treatment of cancer. In clinics all across Germany, doctors have achieved a fully documented 88% remission rate in their cancer patients using natural, nontoxic treatments. This inspiring and informative book relates the stories of many patients who have seen real, remarkable results from innovative treatments such as Polyerga(R) and Carnivora(R) therapy, as well as from galavanotherapy, hyperthermia, noni juice, mushrooms, and induced remission therapy. And unlike here in the United States, in Europe these therapies are not considered alternative medicine, but rather mainstream approaches to fighting cancer. In German Cancer Therapies, Dr. Morton Walker discusses seven cutting-edge treatment programs, with careful and medically responsible consideration given to the pros and cons of each.
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