How we will win the wikipedia game

make a Opera widget/grecemunky script/userscript/firefox extension, have it ajax the archive pages into a hidden div, have it identify deletions, figure out what paragraph the deleted content use to sit in, restore the deltion (in red), run the archives backwards and put all content that was ever submitted back into the article.


This will make the partisan game look just as hilarious as it really is! Deleting all Wikipedia search results really isn't drastic enough. We should enjoy the Wikipedia game and learn the real lesions hidden within. The game will inevitably continue till the end of time. Jason Scott made a great comparison with super viruses growing in hospitals thanks to the effort made to exterminate them. To continue this reasoning, just like in the medical industry the cures will be suppressed. But they will continue to be available for those willing to look and those willing to investigate.

This is not an effort to disrupt or make Wikipedia look bad, it is an effort to visualize what kind of artificial picture the owners of an article are trying to fabricate.


First hack: a bookmarklet to iframe all "prev" links on any wikipedia archive page

Second hack: Like the first bookmarkelt only this works on links reading "diff" (for edit history) iframe all "diff" links

Using a bookmarklet how?

You drag the link to your bookmarks toolbar and click it after loading such wiki archive page.
Test drive it on and see the overwhelming transparency. :-)

Furthar referrenzes

* The Great Failure of Wikipedia