Flag of Earth

   Each year the Megaconference has had a theme related to promoting world togetherness, and breaking down barriers. This has worked well, but we have not had an easily recognizable symbol that we could all identify with and proudly show to everyone.  There IS such a symbol, and it is the Flag of Earth. This flag was created by James Cadle in 1970, to be used for ANY purpose that is representative of Earth as a whole. That includes not just the physical planet, but the ecosystem, humanity, science, space exploration, etc. But not related to any individual, organization or country. There are no rules for flying it. He made it his life’s work to promote this Flag, and it has been used for many purposes. It has been widely used at astronomical observatories that are associated with the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, since that research is an activity on behalf of all Humankind, reaching out to whomever else might share our universe. If you Google on “Flag of Earth”, you will find many interesting references.  The colors of the Flag are yellow for the Sun, blue for the Earth, white for the Moon, and black for the emptiness of Space. It is a very simple design. It might even be understandable to someone not from the earth. 
Megaconference 9