Michigan / Enbridge oil spill - terraforming Earth to become the new Planet Muck??

I got the feeling while looking at that slime the guy on the NY beach was showing us, was actually some dead fish, who was basically dispersed by the Corexit dispersant. After all it is an oil dispersant and most lifeforms including humans and especially fish are held together with fat which is essentially oil. There are reports that I believe to be conservative that bp has sprayed 2 million gallons of that poison into the Gulf. I believe it to be much much more, owing to the fact that they have deployed supertankers to spray under cover of night. One supertanker has a 75000 gallon payload! There are reports of a substantial amount of army trucks shutteling back and forth from Illinois to the Gulf. Not two months ago they held a huge disaster drill in Chicago. Chicago is of coarse on Lake Michigan and strangely enough a lot of the drills had to do with hazmat disasters! Could this new oil spill have anything to do with those vigilant guard excersises which were held just a month and half before? Canada and the US have been very busy merging our border guard and our militaries, while NATO appears to be calling the shots. This could also have to do with water since we are soon going to be facing a fresh water crisis thanks to the mucksters. It's their next shameless bid for control over us all. Destroy our resouces and we will be more dependent on the corporatocracy than we ever were.

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