Girl Discovers All US Presidents Related - Royal Blood Runs Deep

A seventh-grader and her 80-year-old grandfather are allegedly the first people to discover that President Barack Obama is related to all other U.S. presidents except one.
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One of those great so called public secrets. I'm confused, is she now a conspiracy theorists or did some how the conspiracy theorists not get it wrong? During the US presidential elections I was already surprised how the Green Party had videos on their channel with 200-500 views each. Counting the rest of the world that means roughly 1 in a million Americans actually listens to their candidates. The rest all follows the media (read: Ruppee) for guidance. In their defense, some did cover Cynthia being captured by the Israeli army in public waters and her being locked up in an Israeli concentration camp.

That will teach her not to talk about what really happened on 911 like the antisemite she is.

ok, now it's time to go shopping...