Sistema Purificaci˛n Aire a Lavado Inter-Comprimido - Romano De Simone


My name is Romano De Simone, born in Rome on February 3, 1946, Consultant of Appeal Court of Rome, Mechanical Engineer Specialized in thermodynamics and energetics, living in Ciampino, Viale Kennedy 127, near Rome (Italy).


Since 1982 I Have Been working as consultant of Appeal Court of Rome Appointed by the court as an expert under exclusive continuous assignment, from 1980 to 1990, with special training Also are legally, in the fields of civil criminal and administrative.

 Since 1986 My Interests Focus on air purification plants, and on fine dusts, and Applied for two Italian patents:

1st patented Invention :

 In 1990, my invention Was a machine for depuration of polluted air with asphalt smokes. The plant WAS Constructed Became operative and in June 1990 at the Bitogum-Colbit factory in Pomezia (Rome) - Italy, Via Campobello n.7. The plant has-been cleaning the country Removing from atmosphere the asphalt smokes and Vapours, Ever Since and is still operative and all over the world STI clones Are operative.

2nd patented Invention :

In the year 1994, the GENERAL AIR PURIFICATION METHOD, THROUGH THERMODRAWN CONDENSATION I invented, named SPALIC (Sistema di Aria Lavaggio Purificazione InterCompresso), working-molecule by Vapour-condensation, onto colder Particles polluting, Which Are so fixed in one drop, and fallen down, and shunted away processed from air stream. (Italian patent released; European Patent is pending).

 In 1998, a prototype of the second invention I costructed, and I Gave two affidavits to European Patent Office in the January 2001, and in the March 2006 to Regione Lazio about the prototype performances, outcome of Which Revealed much Better results Than Those Obtained with ENEL technologies, Being remove obsolete, in Regard to European rules about Labour protection and security at places of work. (Rules rules n.89/391/CEE, n.89/654/CEE, n.89/655/CEE, n.89/656/CEE, n.90/270/CEE, and n. n.90/349/CEE 90/679/EEC), as well as protection of public healt regarding cancer, Striking approx 500 Each day persons, only in Italy, relation 1: 170 persons in Europe Each year. My CAPTURING Allows method ALL GASES, WHICH ARE NOT BIATOMIC, ademßs fine dusts, of course, Which Are Overall an priority in all the world. Up UNTIL now this method Captured up 92% of the total dusts (Outlook and Aim Is to arrive Beyond at 99% +, thanks to intrinsic engineering of the system, of to drop for Each pollutant particle). As it Known is, this prototype HAS NO FILTERS IN Gaseous STREAMS.

My method Separates from to very polluted air stream, all gases and pollutant dusts, to blow Almost out as clean as mountain air, Also if the inlet is polluted air, Passed Because the separation of and Stock single particle from the Main flow, emit in output the sole BIATOMIC GASES, as Oxygen and Nitrogen.

Those gases, Which SPALIC shutting from the Main Gaseous flow inleting in the machine, Are INSTEAD Those Not biatomic, as for example:

*** MONOATOMIC GASES, as Radon (radioactive and Carcinogenic) Argon Neon, etc ...

*** TRIATOMIC GASES, as Carbonic Dioxide, Sulphurous-Sulphuric Dioxide, etc. ..

*** Polyatomic GASES, as Methane, Propane, Butane, etc ...

 Each type of gas, you have to Be led Into to Proper gas cylinder, or Other selling systems, to Avoid dispersions Into atmosphere. [Google Translate]

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