We have rejuvenation

I want to share my discovery with you.

I was able using molecular biology and molecular physics to determine,
the root cause of aging.

And how it can be somewhat postponed.

Now studies using mice showed that heat shock, was able to get the H2,
(Deuterium) out of mice cells, and those mice that survived the heat
shock, lived twice as long as the control group.

Now when I discovered this study, it confirmed my own research which
told me that Deuterium, since it can fit into a hydrogen slot in a
molecule, is the root cause of aging, since it changes the strength of
the molecyular bond. Makes the cell walls less permeable. Hence your
skin dries out and you get wrinkles.

It also allows for more free radicals, and ends up with your DNA being
damaged over time as the Deuterium collects in fats and in various
places in your body including cell walls.

So I found a small melanoma on my left upper arm one day, which I assume
was caused by a sunburn, so I wetted a zinc vitamin C and echanachea
tablet and applied it to it daily or every other day and accordingly as
expected, it fell off and never returned.

I did numerous other tests, including just taking those tablets to see
the effect and yes, that combined with Selenium was definitely making me
younger. I am at present 55.

So then I noticed a very small melanoma on my right cheek, not a serious
problem, just a small one again from some sunburn over the course of my

So again, I applied the wet zinc vitamin C and echanachea tablets and
agin, it disappeared, but since I just applied the tablet to the right
side of my face, as a test, I now have only one, of those joker style
wrinkles that surround your mouth, instead of two, since the one on the
right side went away.

I had of course had that major wrinkle as most men do, since I was about
40 years of age.

To see the wrinkle I am referring to see this man's face.

He is also into a form of wrinkle cure botox probably because he is an
Billy Bob Thorton.
You can see his 'The Joker' wrinkles I am talking about clearly here...

You see those lines below his cheeks there. Now he is 56, and spends a
lot on his Hollywood style rejuvenation, and still those lines persist
because injecting botox, is not the same as rejuvenating your own cells,
and allowing them to turn back on and function properly.

There is no aging gene, no aging switch, just deterioration, primarily
cause by your body absorbing Deuterium, and those atoms replacing
hydrogen atoms in your molecules.

Try it for two weeks.

Wet a zinc vitamin C and echanachaea tablet, and rub it on your skin.
Just do one side of your face to see the results.

It is rejuvenation.

How it works is because zinc is a heavy atom, which dampens the
vibrations of surrounding molecules. When a Deuterium atom replaces a
Hydrogen atom in a slot, that area has a stronger pattern of vibrational
energy, so to free that Deuterium atom, if you dampen down that area, it
will be freed.

Now if you take those orally, within 2 weeks you will probably notice
your body giving off gas out of your mouth and even your ears, since
Hydrogen is a gas and you will free some of your Deuterium collection.

The Selenium works the opposite to increase vibration of a molecular
area but both of them are just catalysts.

Hence the need for the Vitamin C and echanachea. To assist cell repair.
Its a miracle really.

All aging literature speaks of zinc and selenium as being anti aging,
but this particular combination has dramatic rejuvenating effects.

Like anything else, you need to listen to your body to determuine how
much zinc and how much selenium you need.
The health guides are just a guide. You can add a lot of years to your
life, and turn back the clock even, with regards to the aging process
with just this simple technique.

And those tablets are inexpensive.

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