The memo

Greetings citizens of planet Earth, I welcome you to the offical website of The World Government. As you probably already know, I Gaby de Wilde have taken it uppon myself to rule this planet alone under the "I have executive privilage, I wrote the memo myself" provision introduced by George W. Bush. While at first it seems this proposition lacks credibility we should agree this is a quality often dreamed of but not granted to any political organ. From this position I intend to contrast by creating such crediblity. I furthermore intend to utilize this lack of crediblity [I deserve] as the main advertisement agent.

The System Of World Government chosen by me is best compared to the free and open source methods. I am the benevolent dictator, you are free to contribute time and/or money and you are free to chose the topics of our colective interest. I will delete proposals intended to flood or disrupt the system. We should assume my best effort would still be completely unfair but the same "nonsense" may be reposted as often as you like.

Because The World Government doesn't have a monopoly on violence you are technically spending your own money. I wouldn't have it any other way. This also means the legal obstacles are trivial at best.

The only difference with a conventional business or non proffit is that your thoughts are not contained in a greedy or small mindset. Your ideas will be subjected to serious consideration, others shall estimate how intersting the idea is. Refutation only happens by argument, voting shall be avoided at all cost. In the end the people privilaged to pay for the execution of your plan get to decide if it is worth their tax money or not.

I salut you, as GW from the WG -- I can make jokes to -- as long as they are not part of the agenda.