Why do big companies suck?

It’s worth noticing many things suck. For movies, books, websites, the bar is low. Suckage is everywhere. And this is true regardless of size – many small companies suck and medium ones too. The real question then is why, if at all, do big companies suck more than smaller ones?
Why do big companies suck? « Scott Berkun

If the "play it safe" agenda gets it's way we will be using the same technology 500 years from now.

Lots of small improvements also help calcification. When bigger changes are made the small tweaks may no longer apply. Thus, if you have a lot of those you have a lot to loose to.

Much of the suck is also because so far we haven't really developed an intelligent entity. We have just a bunch of patterns that endlessly repeat themselves.

In the future all work will be done by fembots, working, tweaking and designing everything dynamically.

Human participation will be limited to ohhh's and ahhh's