Metric intervention

Userscripts allow you to run scripts on websites loaded into your browser. This allows you to modify pages to your likings and use modifications written by others.

I wrote a userscript converting that old French system the Brits are still using to the metric standard of science.

foot, inch (inc 00'00"), yard, mile, stone, Pound-mass/Lbs. etc

It will totally convert something heretical like: 5'10 3/4"

The screen shots show how good and effective the script is:
(from: 'Is 5'11 the perfect height?')
(from: 'Twin 13 Yard Dredge')
(from: 'Steps star Claire up to 15 stone')
I still have to implement: gallon, pints, ounces, Quarts, Hectares Acres, Fathoms, Fahrenheit and Kelvin.

Find the current version here:

Metric intervention for Greasemonkey
userscripts mirror: Metric intervention for Greasemonkey