Patent confusion

It is honestly very simple...

When the age of the psychopath ends we can not just start rewarding inventors and companies for their discoveries and innovations but we can even fund their research in advance. When the next Galileo, the next Drebel or the next Tesla is identified as such we have to make sure he stays in his lab and has plenty of play things to amuse himself with. The more generous we are the less he or she will care which one of us uses the technology. Even if we are wrong in our assessment 95% of the time the fruits will be virtually endless. The remaining 5% will gift us gifts that keep on giving.

It will be very different from the half working self funded prototype hoping to be purchased by a private entity who can do little more than make it disappear.

People mistakenly think capitalism is a kind of collective intelligence that considers all possible alternatives. It just isn't. If you have an oil empire that is what you have. When one is already doing something it is very hard if not impossible to transition to anything else, no mater how much sense it makes, even if you own the technology and the funds required one is still obligated by law(!) to make money for the investor. The alternatives, however fantastic, new things don't come with the pretty historic figures and the carefully gathered statistics. Even common sense will always be a gamble in that context. Capitalism is not some all knowing mega brain magically capable of making all the right decisions all of the time.

Most discoveries, however brilliant, cant make it in such a system. The 5% imagined above [as a worse case scenario] will include all of them, and then some.

Most of it still wont make it onto the market but at least we would know what we have. It is important for our imagination to see the wonderful things people come up with. If we never see any of it a lone invention presented to us will look like nonsense. It wont inspire us at all.

We have such a long history of collectively attacking the greatest ideas ever had by man. The future is the opposite direction of that. *points finger*

The military learned it the hard way, when they found themselves on the battle field with inferior technology the end result wasn't pretty at all. But innovation is for everyone. When the age of psychopathy ends we can have all kinds of nice things, not just a better rocket, an improved machine gun and a drone that can snipe 500 pedestrians in 3 seconds while flying 1000 mph.

Think about it :-)

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