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Description Everybody needs help in the long run, and everyone is able to contribute towards a social care system. Creating civil society for sustainable and future-proof informal care in the current climate of aging and chronic diseases is inevitable. WeHelpen locates and mobilizes the (remaining) capacity of the civil society. There is not a shortage of capacity but it is just used ineffective! WeHelpen creates an online and mobile network through social networks and self-organization. WeHelpen is a place and time independent platform, which matches demand and supply on the basis of trusted circles, informal care support and a community currency. Cooperation WeHelpen shares a platform to develop, maintain and share knowledge. A national movement with local focus and accessible to anyone in society. Cities, municipalities, health organizations and housing corporations can become member in the cooperative. The more members the less individual costs. Joint investments, collective savings. In which phase is the idea currently? Nowadays all large health care insurance companies in The Netherlands are paying member of cooperative WeHelpen. More and more local governments and cities, care institutions and housing corporations join the movement and become member of the cooperation. They all believe that co-ownership and non-competitive investments can be a sustainable answer to the expected future national and local difficulties. has 8.000 users, 8.500 Facebook fans and new users subscribe each day, from all parts of the country.
Coen van de Steeg - WeHelpen | TEDxBinnenhof
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