Free energy for an unenlightend world of war and psychopathy

imho the 2 major land-mines in free energy technology are 1) building a contraption that is costs effective is much harder than it seems. Producing 1 kwh (say 25 cents) takes either a lot of power or a lot of time. Building a larger device makes it more expensive not cheaper, giving it time pushes the return on investment date into the distant future. 2) Every new technology will be applied in both civilian and military technology. A cost effective free energy technology would absolutely revolutionize warfare. A tank, drone or launch installation currently requires a constant supply of feedstock, remove that requirement and the war can just go on and on and on, any object with mass is a potential projectile, a rock, a car, a cow or a man, it all works "wonderfully". Trying to launch such technology into the public domain is an open invitation to people whose job it is to stop you to stop you. Their goal is to prevent it falling into the wrong hands. Even if you don't agree with them they've always been and are going to be successful at that. For example: Who would have thoughts that heavier than air flying machines would be ideal to drop bombs and nukes onto people and to spread epidemics all over the world? If you email your government, the airport or the airline and ask them if they can stop importing ebola you get a standard reply that aims to justify the risk over 3-4 euro worth of profit per seat. Email them again after they successfully imported the ebola and you get the same standard reply. The airlines don't care if their employees don't want to fly there either. Such an unenlightened world just isn't worthy of free energy, it will simply be used to destroy everything even faster. Our time is better spend on fart jokes, drinking beer on the beach or on educating the masses about love and peace :-) #

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