Miraculous resurrection astonishes doctors

After hours of lifesaving procedures, all hope lost, doctors called in the woman's grief-stricken family to say goodbye. Her devastated husband, mother and sister hugged her and cried for God to intervene even yet. After leaving the room with Nurse Julie Ewing, both the nurse and the family went to their knees, holding hands and praying for a miracle. Meanwhile in the operating room, doctors were about to record the time of death when the heart monitor began to blip just as suddenly as it had stopped.
Woman's Miraculous Resurrection Astonishes Doctors
It is well known scientifically while elaborately denied that people who are close "suffer" biological synchronization. The most widely known example is synchronization of the menstruation cycle. It is good science to doubt things work like this. This "isolated" single case is not a significant sample to prove anything while at the same time significant enough to start wondering: how did this happen? They had very obviously tried everything else already. Are doctors now to attribute things to magic? Seriously?

I think the easiest way to research the phenomenon would be to have thousands of people visit coma patients, preferably friends and relatives. Don't expect miracles, just repeat the experiment often enough to produce serious data. Even without waking them up it might be possible to detect biological effects when people enter the room. Try a polygraph, if influence can be measured in plants and yogurt why not with people?

Or to put it comically: If you prefer to obtain your data from how an idea sounds, we have pills for that condition too! Even some electric shocks would go a long way towards curing that disorder. The placebo is a highly effective effect like that. The mere idea of inducing scientific objectivity using raw voltage might already be enough to restore scientific curiosity and objectivity in the subject.

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