The wrath of the book

I think someone (you) should write a book about the damage books did to humanity. Like when the radio replaced singing story telling became story reading. How the organic development of language was frozen in time, Dutch forever stuck in a jargon for sailors, English forever stuck on the battle field, the Chinese forever stuck in submission. Like a game of telephone with only 1 player.

The elegance of language replaced by devolution, with each stage of development the stories became more mundane, freed from locations and personal flavors. The wrath of the printing press and then.... photography, moving pictures and finally the internet! AAAAHHHHH

As soon as the first cave paintings where made all the other stories without these glorious pictures lost their glamour -- forever! Whole lives consumed by memorizing holy scriptures carefully written for people hundreds if not thousands of years before. Apples could not just be eaten any longer, they had to be counted and recorded for future reflection and the distortion thereof.

Endless wars portrayed as events of great glory. Words without faces that make you feel part of something but you are really just sitting there.

The wrath of men with typewriters telling you how it is, how they think you should look at everything. You know things are bad, you dear reader, you read all about it.

Children should not play outside, they should study book after book until they are deep in debt, in their 20's and still unemployable. It doesn't take a genius to see youth should have more to offer than silently sitting still on uncomfortable chairs.

Eventually, when the person knows to do nothing else he will embrace this reading for it is all he has left. (insert long list of academics praising books)

To be or not to be what? What is he even talking about? Perhaps it was funny at the time? War and Peace? The art of war? ... the art of what???

It seems there are arguments to be had about the advances of technology but with great power comes great responsibility, not something a book smart man can live up to.

If one cant write an interesting book about books it must mean something. Surely Gekoski tried?

Of course these truths had been discovered by average men again and again but non brave enough to write them down. To do it proper would take a humanoid who knows what she is talking about. Someone well versed in the irrelevant, one who can sneak up on this unicorn from behind unnoticed and kill it as all things must die in books.

This text has no intention to be excused for being bad. To think it is poorly written is to show the reader didn't understand any of it, she is unworthy of the usual flattery, the illusion of wisdom for she knows the story of everything and the experience of nothing. The text points out such obvious things that it borders the offensive.

Now turn off the computer and go play with your cats, hug the children, walk in the park, stop tormenting yourself already!