I know the human being and chicken can coexist peacefully

I was reading how free-range egg fraud is finally being persecuted.

I'm still waiting for more expensive eggs from chickens who have good lives. It has to be a cold weather breed, they should be free to go outside when they like and have enough space for plants and insects to grow, throw some roosters into the mix (fertilized eggs are just fine) and let them raise their own kids periodically.

The city isn't all that bad for it actually. If you remove the 2 way race track and the front yard then sell the eggs for 50 cents to 1 ,- each one could be looking at an extra 200 - 500 per month. Just for not having a race track outside the house. Other useful crops could be grown there too.

Of course people would have to walk a bit to get to their vehicle but the acceptable walking distance is much longer than people think. If you do 20 min worth of exercise per day you extend your lifespan by roughly 20 minutes just from the exercise. The vitamin D deficiency gives you fragile bones, poor health and it makes you stupid.

Furthermore, having the roosters wake you up at sunset might be just the thing you need. Then you wont have to stay up late and sit there under artificial light like a zombie apocalypse. If one can pocket an extra 100 bucks one automatically loves the sight of chickens, humans are really that obvious. People who don't like it have plenty of choice in the grand prix circuit kind of environments complete with plastic lawns, plastic flamingos and processed people who glow in the dark.