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Long long ago I envisioned this tech while trying to figure out how to build the giant peace keeping robots to keep you and the darpa militards at bay. They have to be enormous but they also have to fly of course. Ideally it would have to fly up to the white house and use it as a chair. Then it should burn a picture of mickey mouse into the lawn using it's death rays but that is an entirely different story for a different time.

The issue is that the scale of using the white house as a chair is actually rather small and hard to engineer. Except from flexible joints of course the ideal material for the limbs is still a solid. If you make them a few km thick all you have to do is pump the air out in order to make it lift off.

But you can use helium for your tiny. Hot hydrogen gas should work too! Maybe you can encourage darpa to try that.

Some day in the not to distant future this stuff will be used on wimmen and children in the 3rd world to further progress our neoliberal "ideals". Imagine all the profit to be made from giant hands growping people from the sky. Seems a hell of a lot cheaper than blowing stuff up. Or shall we say leverage?

The moral of the story is that bigger is better!

Keep up the good work!

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