Eds Coral Castle Quarry and Flywheel, Engineering Mystery Solved

Mar 4, 2015 - This Documentary has been registered with the library of Congress and I am awaiting the VSA pursuant issuance number. Replicas, and other engineering "toys" will be available upon request. Contact me if interested. For now I will customize an order. later when this engineering truth becomes "accepted" I will produce cookie cutter replicas for the masses. depending on the demand. Full Ed Leedskalnin machine replicas will also be available. wheel, tripods, and yokes etc will be full setups like an old working train set.
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The flywheel with magnets can also be used to induce a sideways vibration into the giant door (without teeth!?). Like you point out about the wedges they ring at a frequency matching their depth. Others on youtube have shown that you can cut hard stones with softer metals if the metal is made to vibrate at just the right frequency. The (possibly hand cranked) flywheel seems ideal for seeking resonance.

One other cool thing revealed in this video I sadly forgot the details of. lol Some ancient writing about a megalithic temple/structure said it was build from the top side down. This made no sense to me until I see this sliding the rock under the one lifted by the tripod.

I've been looking at those strange ancient walls forever without figuring it out! Specially the kind with the strange bumps on them! Now I see those are to be able to lower them on top of the lower row. If you look carefully you can even see those megalithic blocks have been cut to fit under the ones above them. The very odd shapes actually make good sense when one looks at it like that.

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