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Die Micro$oft DIE......

My comment on:

MS was a noob company back in the day's of the Commodore 64 C= all their software was horrible. I remember their assembly code being the biggest mess I had ever seen. They argued (sins those days) that multitasking is the way to go. I've argued that IRQ (interrupt request) never comes close to a co-processor for about the same time. Another great example of M$ being wrong and meĀ© being right! How dumb is it exactly to mix personal identification with general data on software level? As save as an id card in bmp format?

If the network identification would be a separate procces it would have it's own security level.

For example: Imagine how your system performance would be if MSN messenger and Outlook express would be hardware? Surely people would  spend loads of time to code and succeed at emulating the whole card in the normal run time environment. Simple firmware with a few million encryption key's would be impossible to hack, the decodation key would be different each day.

The chat hardware would validate like this:
Server sends package - hardware reads package - hardware finds package key by date - hardware encrypts a new package with today's package key + hardware serial + the total number of send key packages + a user id number.

Trying to log on to an account that is not yours would be rewarded with a hardware shut down and sending your personal ID and hardware key to the chat server. An expensive phone call with an explanation would get you reconnected.

O wait, I don't have to explain, we all know that electronic banking works a bit like this already. But I would make the whole application run on external hardware. The video card can render the chat client just the way we are used to. (it's called picture in picture - ancient tech)   It should never have to interrupt the CPU. We need the CPU for running applications and need-not to have it do other stuff. My vacuum cleaner does not run any slower if my dishwasher starts, why should my CPU be any different?

But this isn't about performance anymore, it's about making a mess of personal identification.

We can all agree that Microsoft put the credit card information on the streets?

It wasn't me ok !