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reviewing y360 help :)

Creating Your Own Page

Start your own page on Yahoo! 360°. Learn how to share photos, reviews, and more.

Dont know how to post images in your yahoo 360 blog? I made a few posts about it here  

Creating a Blog

Make your own web journal or blog, learn about mobile blogging, and more.

It looks odd to put effort in your postings on the road but actually doing things makes it a  lot easier to write about.

Inviting and Managing Friends

Invite your friends and family to Yahoo! 360° and stay connected.

  Invite your colleagues employer personnel or business relations.

Privacy and Permissions

Control who can view your content and who can contact you.

 Don't be shy.


Find friends or other people who share similar interests.

  this is done with search site interests

Your Home Page

Use your home page and get updates from your friends.

 Use the things you like but do hide the stuff you don't like.


Send and receive invitations and messages in Yahoo! 360°.

It does have a send to all button, use it with care Image