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There is "what google would like", "what yahoo would like" and there is "WHAT THE USERS LIKE"

I think NR 3 is the winner,

I would love to see a custom block with a profile link, a selection of my blogger blogs and a link named "edit" pointing at  This would allow me to manage all my blogs from yahoo and bring my content closer to my yahoo friends.

Others would like to see their friendster msn live journal word press or flickr stuff. If yahoo would sort this obvious mess out for us we would appreciate it a lot! Yahoo is really late with this blog service, I see nothing against exploiting that problem. :)

But were the yahoo blog should be selfish they failed to! I want my blog listed under "business and finance" like the groups so I can blog about that, at the moment we only get personal blogs. "invite your friends and relatives" ARRGGHH

People want to blog about "music" under "yahoo music" and about games under "yahoo games" some may even want to blog about yahoo messenger, my yahoo, yahoo groups ect ect That would make the blog stand out! (and kill google - LOL)

I would really really really love to see you yahoo developer peeps stop thinking that the blog is the end station of the content.

Lets imagine I'm managing a 1000+ posting blog about using yahoo photo. You should really give me a button to click if I think my blog is ready to be published as a book. Most would never click it but it would suggest to write more interesting stuff and remove the postings that are less good.

Blogs are the only way to make an interesting business website, it's retarded to just list products. I think it would be great to sell blogs to businesses? Could even sell single posts!

Make a javascripts for each blog and one for the index page. "blogs by yahoo" introduce it to ur advertiser networks and voilĂ .

The only reason not to visit an advertiser is the lack of content on their pages.

Just remember to pay us for the work. And we don't want micro payments, we want big chunks of money. :P

domain starting at: 5$
hosting starting at: 10$
web design starting at: 100$
advertisement starting at: 50$

I think serious content isn't available for under 50$ No one would want a cheap blog representing their business. 

Just look at this comment, would be wise to hire me before I  vanish into the blogosphere.