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Why Microsoft left the path and never ever found it again

My comment on: vZbdw8dLQdukaRO11y4Ez7Eg--?p=101
The adware market can't be cleaned on the Windows
Operating software thanks to the platform independence
and support for exotic environments (read malicious).
As your previous interview pointed out "the market will
 remain", I think Claira will write more acceptable
spyware nested deep into the Operating software.

BIOS is the operating system and Windows is a dos

Thats why the memory test is running, first it boots
the os then it tests the memory. How clearly is it that
BIOS is the os this posses is running on? Without BIOS
you can't install anything, this is what the programs run
 on, this is doing all the tasks. If you press del you even
 get a graphical interface.

This graphical interface IS YOUR COMPUTER. The rest
 is just applications - programs running on it. A operating
 system is hardware based, 99% read-only and is stuck
on or in other words "physically attached" to the main
board. Why do game and video card developers have to
build a whole new system on the video card? And why is
 it preforming better as the main cpu? The common
excuse  that the main cpu is doing other stuff is not valid,
 it's running last minute hack fix processes with glue all
over the edges( read encoded).

Blogs by Gaaaaaaaaaaby

Gaby  I just wanted to ask how your yahoo360 experience is so far. I'm having a
 great time playing with it's features.

Really curious what your reply is !

This is cool btw if you didn't see it jet. :)
fmpabon Hi Gaby! How are you? Good to hear from you, my experience w. Y!
 360 has been good, especially interacting w. people like you!

Forgive me for not sharing your exact same views, really good people, friends of
 mine, work for Microsoft, they know the place will change over time, eventually
 they'll have open software, I'm sure.

Take good care of yourself! Keep up all the good work here in Yahoo!, I know
 you'll make it to big places one day! I'm cheering for you.

Best regards from the other side of the Atlantic,
Wednesday June 29, 2005 - 07:27 pm PDT
Chill I like yahoo 360, but for some reason it seems a little bland to me... Also
 doesn't display correctly sometimes in firefox. I like my Blogger blog
 (, but it is basically my tech news column until I
 get a spot on the Weblogs Inc. Network. I also saw the new myweb 2 yadda
 yadda thing a few minutes before you sent me this message too... Don't expect
 me to update my 360 blog much, but I am happy to communicate through
 Yahoo 360!
Wednesday June 29, 2005 - 06:09 pm PDT

PureVizhun I'm pretty excited actually. I was frustrated at first because my goal
 was to learn CSS and web standards and I ended up learning how to finesse CSS
 instead and manipulate the editor. I think possibly I'm learning more this way. I
 have to dig a little deeper and therefore I end up learning code and how to make
 it work for me. There is really only a few things I don't like. The teeny tiny
 editor. LOL 4 lines at a time. I use html kit but you know you may have it
 perfect there and it ends up looking totally different here. I also wish that I
 didn't ever have to load internet explorer ever again as long as I live. LOL and
 because of that I dont get alot of the features available. Just one other thing I
 really am not pleased with is the Limitations they put on us. Like were children
 and can't write as many characters as we want I mean what's the big deal about
 that anyways.

 LOL oh yeah and 1 more thing is Yahoo photos, their too small,
 look bad, and your friends can't download them. So I'm thinking why then are
 we sharing are album if they can't see it as it's intended. Now by all this you
 might think I'm not happy with yahoo 360, but I'm still here and so that tells
 you theirs a whole lot more to get excited about then a few limitations. I'm all
 about growing, learning and sharing, and we are all definitely accomplishing
 that. :) I don't really have anything to base my experience on because this is my
 first experience with anything web related. My first blog. My first time using
 and implementing code. To sum it up, Im Loving You, Yahoo? Thanks for
 asking? LOL
Wednesday June 29, 2005 - 06:03 pm PDT

raghupathy s Hi Gaby, Its been pretty good so far. But I wont say great!
I guess there are a few issues they need to resolve, but on the whole the
 experience has been really good, and some features like friends and friend
 permissions are a really neat idea!
I guess it's just a matter of time before they make 360 a knock your socks off
 kind of product.

Wednesday June 29, 2005 - 05:43 pm PDT

Honestly Gaby, 360 suits me fine at the moment. I have learned html
 here. And at the pace 360 is dishing out more complex blog options (slow by the
 looks of the user's opinions) I'm breezing through the basics as well.

Overall its great. And sice its still in beta, its exciting to think that new stuff will
 roll out steadily in the future, in pace with me trying to learn the stuff.

Even as a new user (blogger) I see a lot stuff (personally) that might be needed
 for 360 to get better. That means, its really near perfect at the moment.

Hope you get to collect these responses and have them posted somewhere.

Thanks Gaby and take care.
Wednesday June 29, 2005 - 05:37 pm PDT

neal I like it. It smells nice.
Wednesday June 29, 2005 - 04:46 pm PDT

Trifon I have been having such fun with Y!360 and already submitted more
 than 15 feedbacks to the development team. I cannot stop thinking what could
 be improved and make it better.

Definetelly like the blog idea and trying to keep up with the reading/writting of
 blogs. Made new friends and learned about new people and places.

Hope it will just become better and more people will join overtime.

Wednesday June 29, 2005 - 05:11 pm PDT

'Techie' ...
So far not so great. Comparing it to services like Blogger, it is
 EXTREMELY far behind. However, since the features currently nearly match
 that of other services like 'MSN Space', it probably will just exit beta as-is. One
 thing I am interested in is that YEARS of no change and Yahoo! finally rolles out
 up-dated style for Yahoo! Member Profiles (
 Could it be an attempt at integrating Yahoo! Profiles with Yahoo! 360?

 Wednesday June 29, 2005 - 07:59 pm PDT

Victor Chang hi gaby, my 360 experience has been... unexpected :-)

well, to be honest, I really didn't know what to expect. :-)
I think it's been largely positive. I still feel that
there are many things to improve, otherwise this might
get boring fast.

I took a look at myweb2 last night. Interesting... My 360
friends have some interesting links :-)
Wednesday June 29, 2005 - 08:06 pm PDT

I'm sorry for abusing your reply's to show something else at the same
 time. A content block like this one right here could turn any website into a
 refeshing read. I still think Yahoo could create a service like this.

+ stuff:
Blogvertising redefined
Die Micro$oft DIE......