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Entry for July 01, 2005

> I have converted all my work and personal email to gmail and now my
> gmail program comes up in French. It is not fair that google or gmail
> in uncontactable!

Easy answer is that you shouldn't count on a free email account. Free services don't need to guarantee anything, because they are free. They can even stop a service whenever they want to.

  • My reply:

It makes me sad how Google is keeping everything in beta. Will my mailbox vanish some day? How can they handle our personal mail like a toy project? It's really uncivilized to make a superior service and leave it in beta. As long as I'm not allowed to pay I can't take it serious.

> Gmail employees don't have time to answer every single question.

Is is stupid to pay for something if you really need it to work?

time = money

Mozilla has great support for the Tunderbird mail program both free and payed. Yahoo makes time for both paying and potential customers. (Even in France)

If we may never use gmail for anything serious surely this means you cant expect anyone else to send anything serious from a gmail account? Companys using gmail probably use various other supportless permanent betas.

All google products have the same service level.

Bonjour and have a nice day.