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Using other people's pictures

Re: Using other people's pictures

Question- what is the etiquette for using internet pictures on a blog? I am using pictures with my posts from the internet and dont know if some of them are copyrighted or not. In other words, I dont know if I am illegally using the work of others.

Any thoughts?

It's best to use images that your allowed to use,

I think it's important to know you can't remove images from Blogger or Picasa, other bloggers could copy what you claim to be your image.

A friend of mine keeps finding her paintings in image collages tools.

One even had a gallery were you could post a collage of her pictures as your own creation.

But if you want to use some image owned by a studio for your film review you not doing any harm to them.

Parody has it own set of rules, this isn't a violation. For example: M$ could never prevent us posting things like