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Introduction to AHaH Computing, Alex Nugent, RIT, April 2015
Biologists discover bacteria communicate like neurons in the brain
Changing Why Wars Happened by Lucy Steigerwald --
Smarter than Us - Stuart Armstrong
The Companies That Control Everything
Patent confusion
Hope Number 9: Robert Steele - Spy Improv: Reality Unfiltered
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The Grand Solution -
Preparing for the robot takeover 101
A government based on free things
MRI mind reading
Solar Chariot the Hippy Gourmet interviews Bob Schneeveis
Chimps outperform humans at memory task
Rise of the machines
Ray Kurzweil - Our Bodies, Our Technologies
Microsoft Mind-Reading Software
Gumby Brain Surgery
Artificial Intelligence - Marcus Hutter
Brain programmer for increasing human information processing capacity
Automatical conversation
Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves
artificial inteligence - smart-ass conversation
D-Wave quantum computing
The History of Computer Chess: An AI Perspective
gaby de wilde - Artificial intelligence
Machine search vs human interface