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Introduction to AHaH Computing, Alex Nugent, RIT, April 2015
Response inhibition and response selection ar two sides of the same coin
Nutrition and Behavior - Russell Blaylock
The effect of listening to music on human transcriptome - Chakravarthi Kanduri, Pirre Raijas, Minna Ahvenainen, Anju K. Philips, Liisa Ukkola-Vuoti, Harri L�hdesm�ki, Irma J�rvel�​
Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power
All of the extraterestial species are here already
:What is so special about the human brain? - TEDSuzana Herculano-Houzel
Defense Against the Psychopath - Stefan Verstappen
The Mind Has No Firewall
Cell Phones Cause Cancer - WHO
The roots of plant intelligence - Stefano Mancuso
Technology beyond wildest imagination
A second opinion on learning disorders - Aditi Shankardass
Television and Computer's Influence on Mind
Crow Makes Tools
Brain Secret For Instant Genius
This Is Your Faulty Brain, On a Microchip - Memory forever - Gizmodo
Thought photography
Scientists Believe Your Cell Phone Is a Death Trap
Web Colors
Anthony Murray - Psy-ops, Mind Control, Conditioning
Neuroscience and Empathy
Primal eye
EU tests brain scanning to catch "terrorists"
The laugh sample
The Next Generation of Neural Networks
The Battle For Your Mind
Dark Side - Mind Control
Profile of a Sociopath
Test politicians using Neuroscience
Brain scan replaces job interviews
Military Mind Control and Alien Abductions
Teachings of Jmmanuel
Dancing to the tune of an unknown drummer
Computer reads pictures from brain
Reading Your Mind
Europe's Cannabalism
Free Energy and Free Thinking
The Battle For Your Mind
Thirteen to Centaurus
Out-of-body experience means I'm simply not feeling myself
The dangers of CNN

Human Experimentation for National Security Purposes
The Secret Life of Plants
YouTube - The Secrets of Einstein's Brain
The cheat of the brain
Bush orders feds to collect biometric data on terrorists
Elephant Paints Self Portrait
MRI mind reading
The ELF God - Mind Control Technology and Harassment
The Century of the self - BBC
Microsoft Mind-Reading Software
Alter The Public
Patents for Electromagnetics and Bioma�nipulation 电磁波和生物操纵的专利
John Chang - psychokinetic
Gumby Brain Surgery
know our own minds
Toward the First Revolution in the Mind Sciences
Transcranial magnetic stimulation
Hieronymus machine
~~~ Airbrushed Dolphins ~~~
Mind Control: America's Secret War

Duncan O'Finioan - Project Camelot
Yoshiro Nakamatsu 中松 義郎
the pleasure of neuroscience
the greys
See with tongue
Teh Active Denial System
James Randi
natural intelligence
Multi-planar volumetric display system and method of operation using psychological vision cues
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional mapping of evoked potentials
Evoked response audiometer for testing sleeping subjects
QREEG Process matrix synchronizer system
Sensory-driven controller
Electroencephalograph incorporating at least one wireless link
Electroencephalograph based biofeedback system and method
Electroencephalographic apparatus for exploring responses to quantified stimuli
Apparatus and method of analyzing electrical brain activity

Method and apparatus to create and induce a self-created hypnosis
Silent subliminal presentation system
Brain wave correlation system and method of delivering a recorded program
Inducing mental, emotional and physical states in human beings
Method and system for generating sensory data onto the human neural cortex
Method and device for interpreting concepts and conceptual thought from brainwave data
Device and method for estimating a mental decision
Apparatus for inducing frequency reduction in brain wave
A bio-feedback process for affecting the human psyche
Method for measuring physiological parameter
Method and device for producing a desired brain state
Brain programmer for increasing human information processing capacity
Automatical conversation
Evoked potential processing system
Brain wave responsive programmable electronic visual display systems
Man-machine interface system
Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves
Breakthrough in quest for mindreading - gizmag Article

sensitivity training
264 Derren Brown videos
Google still has brains
Brainwave Entrainment