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Billions in Change
Reg Technologies Inc.
Long John Nebel with the Party Line Guest Otis T. Carr
Tewari Space Powered Generator
Wind revolution from 1850
Cracks in nuclear reactors prompt call for worldwide inspections
Global Divestment Day - Naomi Klein web workshop
A Better Battery Changes The World, Crossing The Alt-E Threshold
Defense Energy Technology Showcase
Resource Abundance by Design - William McDonough
Fukushima's Ongoing Impact - Helen Caldicott
:What is so special about the human brain? - TEDSuzana Herculano-Houzel
Jeremy England - Thermodynamic Theory of the Origin of Life
Volvo flywheel
Paintable battery
Water injection
20 Year History of Lattice-Enabled Nuclear Reactions
The Most Suppressed Invention
The world's oldest windmills in Iran
Ballast Water Purification System - Hitachi ClearBallast
Arveni Energy Harvesting
perpetual motion machine
Home Page of Wade Frazier
Closed loop 3000 Watt Generator Powers Grinder & Drill Press - Timothy Thrapp WITTS
Bloom Energy - fuel cell
The Josef Hasslberger Homepage - Physics, Economy and New Energy
Aetherometry, the Science of the Metrics of the Aether - Dr. Paulo Correa and Alexandra Correa
Richard Clem Engine
Alternative energy set to power a world where demand will double
Gregor Macdonald -
Battery and Technology History Timeline
Nu Energy� Research Archive
Magnetic Air Car, Inc.
Inventors of note - [2002]
Definite Proof for the Conversion of vacuum-energy into mechanical energy based on the Measurement of Machine Power
Billion Dollar Secret
Vacuum triode amplifier - Floyd Sweet
Space Power Generator - Paramahamsa Tewari
David Wallman, Paul Pantone
Stichting The Keshe Foundation
Wind powered refrigerator
Military answers need for Alternative Energy
Professor Emeritus Al Bartlett
Mylow Magnet Motor V2.0 -- Runs with Six Magnets
Jasker Power System
The Technocracy Zeitgeist
Howard johnson magnetic motor replica
BioPower - Biologically Inspired Ocean Power Systems
Changing World Technologies, Inc.
Invention harnesses hydrogen energy
Chinese auto maker Dongfeng to develop dedicated hydrous ethanol engines
Trash Powered Honda - DIY
sound of alarm bells
Homade Ethanol Still Cheap Fuel
Rockefeller, Ford and the Secret History of Alcohol
Physicist develops battery using new source of energy
Marijuana Should Be Legalized & Regulated - Congresswoman Sanchez
MIT Clean Tech/GABA Lecture
Low Energy Nuclear Reactions - LENRs: 'green' nuclear energy
Sonic Dynamics
The Orion Project - A Letter from Dr. Steven Greer
Fuel for Cars, Energy for Homes, By NGEN
Saving my Europe

Oil Independence Thermoelectrics Zero Energy Home
H. Perrigo: Aether Energy Electrical Generator
Home_Introduction_Site Map - WATER as FUEL - review of available technologies. MDG 2006-2007
Water Explosion
Free Energy and Free Thinking
United States Oil from Coal [USOAL]
AVA Solar
Flywheel home energy storage - Gaby de Wilde
Phemax Technologies
The Laws of Physics Will Not Yield to those of Commerce
Flywheel home energy storage
How I built an electricity producing wind turbine
Free Global Energy - Murdered by Opec
Genepax - Water Energy System (Water Battery Car) vol.o1
Vaccine Refridgeration with No-Electricity Fridges
Intel Hopes to Bring Free Energy to Mobile Devices
Cleave Baxter
Fusion and water fueled cars
Zero-amp technology
REGAUGING: Master Overunity Mechanism

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Awareness of Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors and the resulting energy abundance
Windup technologies
Water-fueled engine appears on the horizon - Jerry Woodall
Gregor Macdonald -
Battery and Technology History Timeline
Perpetuum Mobile: Chronology
Gravitational engine Chernogorova - RU 94031527
TO BE OR NOT TO BE? 150 Years of Hidden Knowledge by Christopher Bird 1991
Living on Nothing - Replicator Technology Free Energy and Space Travel
Kempon Hokke Kai: True Dharma Teachings for The Age of Mappo
The Google CONSPIRACY - Webmaster Central Help
Nedd Luddite is not yet dead
Other perhaps better ideas for taking back our world
Electromedicine, morphogenetic field - Alexander Gurwitsch
d'Aldo Costa - Perpetual motion, mouvement perp�tuel
A magnetic force control
Energy from Magnetism - Leon Dragone 1989
Gardening Industry Sees Boom as Families Grow Their Own Veggies to Save on Groceries
For those who want to know: Reliable information on health, energy, media, war, elections, 9/11 and more
Nu Energy Research Archive
Inventors of note - [2002]
Definite Proof for the Conversion of vacuum-energy into mechanical energy based on the Measurement of Machine Power
TRUE GEOLOGY - Jean-Paul Turcaud
Vacuum triode amplifier - Floyd Sweet
Space Power Generator - Paramahamsa Tewari
Gravity - antigravity, anti gravity, anti-gravity research, technology
David Wallman, Paul Pantone
Some usenet postings I've looked at
New Exotic Material Could Revolutionize Electronics
Stichting The Keshe Foundation
Permacultuur Netherlands
Military answers need for Alternative Energy
Low Pressure Desalination
Professor Emeritus Al Bartlett
Green Freiburg
Sustianable Industrial Future -
Wind powered refrigerator
Mok Energy
Acabion TM - Mobility of the 21st Century - Dr. Peter Maskus
Using Victory gardens to fight government terrorism and industrial piracy
Laser Treatment could make incandescent bulbs as efficient as fluorescent
Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment
Commissioner Andris PIEBALGS: Two to tango
Jasker Power System
The Technocracy Zeitgeist
Top Ten Impossible Inventions That Work
BioPower - Biologically Inspired Ocean Power Systems
The Dr. Rath Health Foundation - Responsibility for a healthy world
Cheap Drinking Water from the Ocean
Large scale Solar Desalination using Multi Effect Humidification
Changing World Technologies, Inc.
Invention harnesses hydrogen energy
Alvin M. Marks - Advanced Research Development Incorporated (ARDI)
Europe's trade with developing countries
Ken Robinson - schools kill creativity
More Evidence for a Revolutionary Theory of Water
Chinese auto maker Dongfeng to develop dedicated hydrous ethanol engines
biogas can replace all EU natural gas imports
Green gas could help heat homes
Dancing to the tune of an unknown drummer
sound of alarm bells
Overpopulation Dictum? Better Change the Carrying Capacity of Earth!
Physicist develops battery using new source of energy
What happend to the Great American Empire?
Agricultural robots - the final fronteer
MIT Clean Tech/GABA Lecture
Daryl Oster - Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT)
The Official Web Site for Technocracy Inc.
Remington Ventures Inc.
Low Energy Nuclear Reactions - LENRs: nuclear energy
Surreal Archive
Classified Technology, Dylan Touhey and Graham Stevenson
Sonic Dynamics
People are designed to eat fruit alone
The Orion Project - A Letter from Dr. Steven Greer
Thomas Townsend Brown
Fuel for Cars, Energy for Homes, By NGEN
Saving my Europe
Oil Independence Thermoelectrics Zero Energy Home
H. Perrigo: Aether Energy Electrical Generator
Home_Introduction_Site Map - WATER as FUEL - review of available technologies. MDG 2006-2007
Water Explosion
Free Energy and Free Thinking
The Crash Course Economy
New Energy Movement Canada 2008
Drinkingbird power
CheapHomemade Solar Panel Instructions
UnitedStates Oil from Coal [USOAL]
Flywheelhome energy storage - Gaby de Wilde
Jointhe Discussion: The Obama-Biden Transition Team
Flywheelhome energy storage
FreeGlobal Energy - Murdered by Opec
Genepax- Water Energy System (Water Battery Car) vol.o1
VaccineRefridgeration with No-Electricity Fridges
IntelHopes to Bring Free Energy to Mobile Devices
Fusion and water fueled cars
EPOCH Oxy-Hydrogen
we want our cold fusion and we want it now!
Lester Hendershot
Zero-amp technology
Lynnferd Keeran
Nu Energy Research Institute
Thomas G. Hieronymous
Air Force aims to 'rewrite laws of cyberspace'
The War Against Cold Fusion
EV GRAY Motor and Cold Energy lost Video
Siemens and E.ON to build 275 000 000 Euro offshore wind farm
Dr. Paul Czysz
Oxygen: 1940:38% - 2008:6% - death:5%
Hollow earth wild life
Google project 10 entry - Panacea-BOCAF
Energy Crisis? Lets Stop Ignoring the Obvious
Weather Modification - Energy Weapons - Bearden 1985
Govermental legal actions taken against Free Energy
Gary Vesperman
telluric vortexi
Journey Towards The Center Of The Earth by Bill Stone
Vapor Carburetors
Water Succeeds Gasoline As New Invention Is Perfected dec. 1935
Genesys hydrogen
Changing World Technologies, Inc.
UFO sightings connected to Large Hadron Collider experiment? - Louth Leader
Tony Cuthbert
The Disclosure Project - Werner Von Brown
Google considers moving to boats
Sonic Dynamics
Lack of Effective Government
The Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics
Spin Connection Resonance
Imhotep's Laboratory
Panacea University
The Orion Project - Research
Introducing The Orion Project
Thushara Priyamal Edirisinghe
Andy Karsner - Cleantech Forum
Thushara Priyamal Edirisinghe
Wireless energy transfer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chevron's Amazon Abu Ghraib
mc doctor Cain with the Energy Rap
The double U featuring the petro-depressed mode
Water-fuel car unveiled in Japan
Sublimation of thungsten with Brownsgas
Professor Ph. M. Kanarev's Hydrogen Generator
HHO and Water Injection
HHT - Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies
Amazing SOLAR and WIND Powered VAN
Terry Kenney - Electricity From Hydraulic Road Plates
Burning salt water at 13.56 MHz
HEMP powered GEET engines
You're the guy with all the answers RIGHT?
Wlazlak MagGrav Demonstration
Perpetual motion made simple
George H. Gibson
Hemp oil and ethyl alcohol - Free energy suppression - Wikipedia
Grey water heat recovery
Fly for Five Years, Without Landing
26 In depth Clinical Study of 50 cases Validate Tesla Data
PMG Perpetuum - the global leader in vibration energy harvesting
The sailcar orbital generator
Mixing petrol with hydrogen AND WATTER | Business | Turning physics on its ear
Testing large Milkovic 2 stage oscillator
electrostatic machine - Atlas Shrugged - John Galt
Wind Power Windpower Energy Turbine Low Wind free Power
Peak Oil and Geopolitics
Kinetic-Magnetic Energy Transfer System
Lindsey Williams, The Energy Non-Crisis
Evidence that Big Oil & GM Killed The Electric Car
solar energy - David Faiman
Solar convectionTower
gaby de wilde - perpetual car
Alien Technologies
Mitsubishi MiEV Electric Car In-Wheel Motor Concept
Disk Wind Turbine
Toshiba Builds 100x Smaller Micro Nuclear Reactor
Small wheels versus large wheels
Clem Conical Pump - KeelyNet 03/01/03
cyclone power
THE MAGLEV: The Super-powered Magnetic Wind Turbine
submarine communication ELF frequencies
Google committed to clean energy
Mini Hydro Power - Joe Holden
Free Electricity...from Thin Air
John Kanzius
cold electricty
finding the dream
Walter Russell
The 5 cc cadilac
YouTube - New Wind Power - The Wind Belt Invention
Advanced Diamond Solutions Inc.
Advanced Energy Research Organization
b.e.s.t. Corea brown gas cars research
View topic - YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Dr. Ronald Stiffler cold electricity
WindMill, Magnet Motor,Free Energy
Jim Murray
Where in the World is all the Free Energy?
Doctor of Invention: Don't Have Any Great Ideas- Don't Brainstorm - "Edgecraft" Instead
UC Berkeley Webcasts | Video and Podcasts: Physics 10
Dr. Robert Bussard's Fusion Breakthrough
Energy Electromagnetic Generator
Oil is a HOAX!!
Directory:Electrostatic Generator by Walter Owens and Company - PESWiki
fluorescent lamps are more efficient but at a high health risk cost
Calloway PPM Secrets
The Electricity Blog
Wavebob - ocean wave energy
working Magnet Motor
The final secret of free energy
George Constantinesco - 1913 [][]
Otis T Carr Flying Saucer
cheaper solar cells
amplification of gravity
The Lee-Tseung Theoretical Pulse Motor
The new age of blogging
Ambient gradient power
Doug Konzen - OverUnity Pulse Motor
Very Simple Free Energy
Lenz law stuffs
The Lee-Tseung Lead Out Theory
Jeff Omalanz-Hood
Sony Develops A Bio Battery Powered By Sugar
energy from body heat
The MagnetoGravitic Engine (MG engine)
Electromadnetic Soupaconductus
What is resonance
Patents for Electromagnetics and Biomanipulation
The coral castle, by edward leedskalnin
Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen Gas - by Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc.
some videos ...
Potentially the world's first continuous source of water
YouTube - Magnetmotor
The Energy Messiah
Chas Campbell
LaFonte CEMF Cancellation Proof
Moebius coil
There should be no unification of destruction and creation
Yoshiro Nakamatsu - cosmic energy technology
Sun et al - Magnetic pulse Mototrs
Propaganda: World without Cancer Bullshit etc...
Exxon killed the sea star
solid state propulsion
economical space travel
Beverly Clock
Five Weeks in a Balloon by Jules Verne: Chapter Tenth.
Science Scam
charged dust particles fall to the ground
Solar cooking at high latitudes
Difference between Rhode's gas & Browns gas
D2 Fusion Inc.
discriminate ambient space energy
magnacoaster 10 MW free energy generators
Model T Magnetic Modification
Pneumatic Options Research Library
Startech plasma technology
Taking Photographs of the Past
Free Energy Research Archive
SPR Ltd Emdrive space propulsion technology
Mumbai hydrogen bus
ButlerLabs Patent Links for Alternative Energy
advanced aerospace platforms
chronos3 - Magnet Motors list
Paramahamsa Tewari - increased efficiency homopolar generator
KiteGen - kite wind generator
Jet stream energy
Running of Vapor
Bob Teal Magnipulsion
gravity engine
50 cc Cadillac
Dennis Klein - Aquygen
Bussard and Fusion: A Practical Alternative
Steorn on free energy (debunking CoE )
Do your free energy beliefs have their only basis in other people's claims?
Flux Gating Generator
Evergreen ltd
Power station harnesses Sun's rays
NASA Aerogel
Liquidmetal Technologies - supper spring material
Erik Kent Hemlof on Free Energy
magnetic heat apparatus
The Reed Magnetic Motor
A Review Of Zero Point Energy And Free Energy Theory, Progress, And Devices
Cheap source of energy: Cell splits water via sunlight to produce hydrogen
Cell Truck Builder Threatened
China Attempted To Blind U.S. Satellites With Laser
Sound Waves May Be Used To Generate Energy, Produce Weapons And More
Beyond The Cutting Edge
Meet the Crystal Skulls
Incident in Lake County (McPhearson Tape) - Google Video
Direct laser ignition of ignition products
Radiant Energy, Unraveling Tesla's Greatest Secret
Eric P. Dollard
UFOexperiences: DAVID HAMEL
Walter Russell
Stan Meyer - New Zealand 1989
special alloy gets colder in magnetic field
Energy is always created at will
Stanley Meyer - Voltage Intensifier Circuit
Potomac Energy Projects
Energy from magnets
Rotary Stirling Rotary Overview
David Hamel Flying Disc
byron new energy
Teh Active Denial System
Minto wheel from The Mother Earth News
Water Fuel LLC Presents - The Hydrogen Fuel Industry
air energy cars
Air Cars from MDI and Engineair
Browns Gas additional properties
Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc.
Murray Gell-Mann On Getting Creative Ideas
The TRUE Rife Technology
Bjorn Nordenstrom
Constant-power brushless DC motor
Method and system for generating sensory data onto the human neural cortex
Method for measuring physiological parameter
Billings Energy Corporation
MRI - basic / Resonance
Mechanical potential
joseph newman Revolution in energy production
Apparatus and process for generating energy 6954019
Fuel-Less Gravity Powered Airplane
Free energy! - Bedini Cole Motor + Videos
Bedini Cole Motor
pmm DE19605730
Dr Peter A. Lindemann
cheap powah
Atomic Hydrogen Blowtorch
Mechanical Oscillator
William Barbat: Self-Sustaining Electrical Generator; United States Patent Application # 0070007844
Atmospheric Vortex Tower
Eagle-Research practical energy!
Institute for New Energy
T-ray Energy Mover Intro - EMWiki
Suppressed Tech
Inventors of energy
Bedini Cole Window Motor
Interview with John Hutchison
Heat from light bulbs
Twelve roller mock up of the SEG
perendev-power Product Detail
Perendev Magnet Motor History and Update
Conducting Chlorophyll energy over Wires
Science & Mechanics permanent magnet motor
energy from flotation
Gamma Manager
12 Pole Monopole - Peter Lindemann
light bulb powered stirling engine
hydrosonic vortex pump
Robert E. McElwaine - the ' closed ' system
lunar helium 3 (3He), a potential fuel for nuclear fusion
Evergreen ltd - lutec
The Rotoverter by Hector D. Perez Torez
Professor Ph. M. Kanarev, Krasnodar
Korean Superconducting Tokamak
3d plasma moddeling
Liquid Armor
Inertial Armor
ORMUS metals
Noether's theorem
Blog navigation
energy loss in microchip solved
Cat's Purr bio-mechanical healing mechanism
Energy propulsion and antigravity from sound waves
gabydewilde - pendulum torque
Hildenbrand transformer
gabydewilde - magnetic lag - free energy
Practical solar transportation
435 free energy videos
taxing the poor again
Vortex turbine apparatus
Supervision Entertainment SuperMag HeartMate II
GIT Theory by David E.Cowlishaw
Energy from magnets
Low energy magnetic actuator
Hildenbrand magnet motor
Gaspare Malinverno - gravity engine
Gennady Shipov Reactionless Drive
conversion of centrifugal force to linear motion
fuel? huh? Water ?? HUH???
Mich?l Faraday
Mich�l Faraday
UFO Scientist Bob Lazar at Area 51 - Reverse Engineering ETVs
EU warns of global climate chaos - Guardian Unlimited
AC government, Lowe's to distribute free energy-efficient lightbulbs
Steorn announces plans for widespread deployment of its free energy technology
the news
Mag Gen
Mehess Magnetic Motor
Gravity Motor - 19 rpm
more magnet Motors
gabydewilde - chainreactor
To space and beyond, we cant detect alien visitors
Kite power
disliking the metric system
January 01, 2007 About EMC^
David Hamel's Free Energy Generator
Secrets of the 3rd reich
Simplified explanation how to gain free energy from wave fields
very simple electric current generator
Just another water engine
Robert E. McElwaine on free enrgy technology
Free Electricity from Nano Generators
Milkovic Mechanical Oscillator
Human Powered Tools for the Fun-Fueled Future
Kinetron the micro energy company
Hovering in History
thermal energy cell
scientific borderline
zero gravity things
Blue Energy
Steorn teh stories
protect you
Dale Pond the science of Music
world war updates
Petrodollar Warfare
David Hudson 1995 Superconductivity and more...
hydrogen from landfill gas
The Spiritual Core of Master Mantak Chia's Teaching
Non technical
for those who think free energy doesn't exist
Reliable information on health, energy, media, war, elections,
gabydewilde - conversation of energy
1 newton of gas
Brainwave Entrainment
matter replication
NASA Schedules Dark Energy Discovery Media Teleconference
radiant energy motor
gaby de wilde - Sailtrain
Adams Pulsed Magnetic Motor
Adams Pulsed Magnetic Motor
New Energy Times
BlackLight Power Incorporated
Steorn Latest Status Info
Joe Cell - free energy
The structure of information
Kinetron: smallest micro-generators, micro-motors and micro-magnets in the world
crop circle magnet formation
conspiracy TV
Build your own magnet motor
Steam heat
Atmospheric Vortex Tower
skeptics on energy alternatives
Hydrogen & Clean-Fuel Auto Conversions - Google Video
Orbital bycicle
Jimmy Sabori's Papp Engine
DANotes: Springs: Introduction
Spring (device)
Uncles Perpetual Motion Toy
Aether/Wave Disruptive Technologies
piezoelectric processors
bicycle flywheel torque limiter
The revealed secrets of classical electrodynamics
Homopolar generator
gaby de wilde - large scale overunity
Flaws in Classical EM Theory
Invention Secrecy Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
inertial enegy
Kleiner Perkins' Latest Energy Investment
TERAWATT - Section Technology
gaby de wilde on Overunity (OU) and Zero point energy (ZPE)
..output power... greater than the input power to the device....
What is a magnetic field? by David Sligar
Negative resistance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
FREE ENERGY - overview
Tesla longitudinal electricity - Google Video
backpack power walking
Steorn free energy - FAQ
Magnetic hybrid motorbike unveiled in Japan
Perendev and Bedini Motor Replications - Google Video
Magnet Motor free energy - Google Video
Steorn - FAQ
DIE OFF - a population crash resource page
Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) US Patent # 6,362,718
gabydewilde - energy
Nasa aims to move Earth
some more free energy devices
Dark Matter Motor
Stanley Meyer U.S. Patents
The Permanent Magnet Motor - 1979 Paper by Howard R. Johnson and William P. Harrison, Jr.
Ecklin Stationary Armature Generator
US Patent 3,890,548 Edwin Gray "Pulsed Capacitor Discharge Electric Engine"
Transcending the Control System: John Ecklin's SAG 6
The �ther has reborn....
The inventions of captain hans coler
Human-powered wearable computing
Energy Scavenging for Mobile and Wireless Electronics
Mathematical Analysis
Ecklin SAG 6 Stationary Armature Generator
KeelyNet 2005 - Hilden-Brand high efficiency motor - 11/13/05
Steorn has developed all-magnet motor technology which produces free energy
Ralph Suddath on Extreme Water Environmentalism
why the universe moves apart and how gravity and the Casimir effect works
Hydropower - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hans Coler's Magnetstromapparat and Stromzeuger
Hans Coler's "Magnetstromapparat" & "Stromzeuger"
Future Energy - Google Video
Free Energy, another Inconvenient Truth - Google Video
Steorn forum
Ralph Suddath on Extreme Water Environmentalism - Google Video
YouTube - Energy from Water (Floatation)
Welcome to Bedini Technology
Romag generator
The JLN Labs home page
Joe Cell invention - collection of videos
A Review Of Zero Point Energy And Free Energy Theory, Progress, And Devices
free energy Flux Gating Generator video 1 - Google Video
Diesel Secret Energy
Simple magnet motor - Google Video
The Final Secret Of Free Energy
Free energy archives
Harnessing Geothermal Energy with Tesla Turbines - Google Video
free energy Steven Mark solid state generator video 3 - Google Video
Stanley Meyer: Water Fuel Cell
The JLN Labs
Joe Cell invention - collection of videos
Revitalized Water
free energy Steven Mark solid state generator video 2 - Google Video The international free energy research forum - Index
water engine - Google Video
Hitachi Engineers confirm Over-Unity Process
Conditioned Vacuum Motor
Bill Muller's Generator
Dark Matter Motor
Video's of free engergy
video's of free energy ufo's and crop circles
the saga for sense
Our Technology | Steorn
How free energy works in simple words
Steorn forum - Nikola Tesla
Wired 14.09: Physics Wars
Hans Coler's "Magnetstromapparat" & "Stromzeuger"
The Hindu News Update Service
Planetary helpdesk reopened
The google image format