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Prague Pneumatic Post - Czech Republic
Technology beyond wildest imagination
Stone Aerospace
Electric Rocket Engine
60 m/hr on a bycicle
Ganid Productions, LLC Anti-Gravity Device - electromagnetic leviation
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Steam Powered Car and Airplane
YouTube - Do Try This at Home! Episode 9 - Toyland
The return of the GEET LAWNMOWER
Acoustic levitation - Ralph Ring
homemade jet engine
Electromagnetic Levitation disclosure and demonstration
Monocopter - Andreas Personal Flying Suit
Ball-Bearing motor
solid state propulsion
solar airship
economical space travel
Facing the Flag by Jules Verne: Chapter 5
Magnetically Levitated Ducted Fan Being Developed as a Propulsor Option for Electric Flight
SPR Ltd Emdrive space propulsion technology
advanced aerospace platforms