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Changing Why Wars Happened by Lucy Steigerwald --
Smarter than Us - Stuart Armstrong
This Land is Mine
Fukushima's Ongoing Impact - Helen Caldicott
How to behave and what to think
Bush and Blair Adminstrations Found Guilty Of War Crimes, Mass Murder and Genocide!
Biological Warfare. Plum Island & Lab 257
Bio Solutions International: The Final Solution for the 21st Century
Carbon War Room
Canadan government admits alien Technology Operated by the USA - paul hellyer
On the verge of creating synthetic life - Craig Venter
UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza
Supreme Court Will Take on Violent Video Games
The role of the radical intellectual - Noam Chomsky
The war of 1812
Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab
Pakistan vs Israel - The Final Battle
The Reason the U S Wants to Invade Pakistan
Iran, police slaughter
Arsenal of Hypocrisy
The Zeitgeist Armageddon device
US army uses video games as part of recruitment drive
Don't Be Surprised
The Invisible Government - John Pilger
CNN Interviews Matthew Hoh Who Resigned In Protest Over Afghanistan
Gardening Industry Sees Boom as Families Grow Their Own Veggies to Save on Groceries
Media Violence Spurs Fear, Aggression in Kids
Military answers need for Alternative Energy
Dutch zionist Geert Wilders
Project Camelot interviews Jessica
The West vs. Collectivism
Gentleman- Leave us alone
Rafat Bayat
Satellite surveillance
The Israel Lobby
WW2 Codebreaker Harry Beckhough
Germany to ban paintball in wake of high school shooting
In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism
YouTube - G.I. Joe - International Heroes
Profile of a Sociopath
1950 Atomic Bomb propaganda
Test politicians using Neuroscience
How Israel Helps the Islamic Republic of Iran
Is our Baltic sea for peace or for war stupidity?
Modern Human History
The 36 Stratagems of Sun Tzu
How the CIA rules the world

Rock The Truth: How Israel Got the Nuclear Bomb
Project Orion
Terror state Israel - George Galloway
天劍行工具投擲 knife throwing any spike
Reich of The Black Sun - Nazi Secret Weapons and The Cold War Allied
Four great Empires were brought down by ill fated invasions of Iraq
Documentary "Why we fight?"
No heros for Israel
The Answer is Blowing in the Wind
Israel funded Hamas for twenty years
Spencer Brodsk
Putin explains US warmongering in Georgia
Putin message for west and USA
U.S. Army prepares to invade U.S.
McCain: We Won't Get Fooled Again
YouTube - Cyber Warriors 1997 (1of6)
Air Force aims to 'rewrite laws of cyberspace'
Vietnam War crimes
American soldier exposes US policy in Iraq

US War Crimes In Afghanistan
Human Experimentation for National Security Purposes
Getting Straight (film 1970)
World Terrorist Number 1
GI Resistance - The War Comes Home
"Bomb Iran" song text by John McCain
and so the war begins....
Partisan Hackery
Congressman Announces Bombing of Iran & Suspended Election
Keeping America Safe from Child "Terrorists" and Journalists
mc doctor Cain with the Energy Rap
Mastering Hollywood warfair
John B Gordan
Dub Ya War
A Critical Look at the Holocaust and WWII
If I Were A Terrorist !
Hillary does Bosnia
Breaking The Silence

The War On Terror - Prof. Chossudovsky
Fallon resignation
Mitt Romney
Exoskeletons for human power augmentation
Bird Flu Strikes United States
Dr. Deagle
Secret Super Weapons
Bush lacks the economic, political and military means to attack Iran
the Vietnam war crimes
AIPAC - American Israeli Public affairs Committee
Nukes, soccer at North Pole - Opinion
If Americans Knew - what every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine
The Battle for France 1940
Belgium campaign: The fall of Fort Eben Emael (May 1940)
Rotterdam 14th of may 1940
How to kill a million civilians - help support the genocide
War in Iran: Extinction - the movie. The end of the trilogy
Soviet Union, Stalin's regime

Let Wallstreet tell us when to Bomb Iran
Ann Coulter: It's Good for Wall Street If We Bomb Iran
Osama Bin Laden in 2004 speech أسامة بن لادن في شريط
Iraq revokes license of U.S. contractor Blackwater
The Iraq War: Legal or Illegal?
Microsoft Mind-Reading Software
remote controlled military planes (drones)
$4.5 billion options bet on catastrophe within four weeks
War with Iran
Sean Penn's letter to US President Bush
Alive In Baghdad
Dick Cheney is a facist
The Enemy Of Your Enemy Is Your Friend
John Pilger's - Breaking The Silence
The American War: The U.S. in Vietnam
Hugo Chavez on Tavis Smiley
Petrodollar Warfare