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Funny Cars
ULTra PRT sustainable transit
John Deere's new 7030E tractors
ELIICA - Hiroshi Shimizu - Keio University Tokyo
Left Coast Electric - Electric Car Conversion
Water-fuel car unveiled in Japan
Rotary Engine (
MTU builds its own Chevy Equinox hybrid for Challenge X
An end to fuel consumption
way to solve traffic congestion
The sailcar orbital generator
IIT Delhi electric bus
Evidence that Big Oil & GM Killed The Electric Car
DPX Systems Drill Powered Toolbox- The Pit Pass
Human-Electric Hybrid
gaby de wilde - perpetual car
SYSTEM OF PROPULSION US Patent No. 1095967 Nov 7, 1910
SUNN Solar Electric Kit Car Vehicle
Mitsubishi MiEV Electric Car In-Wheel Motor Concept

Siemens VDO eCorner Project:
Kumho Epoch Concept
Wilderness Electric Vehicles []
Inventors claim truck runs on hydraulic power
the DTU Dynamo
ZAP electric cars