Inventors of note - [2002]

Lester J Hendershot

Inventor of electronic toys and biggest claim that he could extract electrical energy from the environment by the use of mutli wound coils around a condenser wrapped around stain less steel cylinder. Several threats were made against his life Survived by his son who now continues his father work. Mark Hendershot has put together an information packet about his fathers work and sells it for U.S. $64.95 to help with the work Mark M Hendershot 16541 Redmond Way #160 Redmond Wa 98052 U.S.A

Bruce De Palma

Trying to find a way to generate over unity power with what amounts to an idea by Nicola Tesla by rotating magnet and cylinder together biggest problem at present seems to be how to collect the electrical energy. Calls his device A Closed path Homopolar Machine.

John Bedini

G Field device seems to be a twelve volt battery ,a controller/switcher and a twelve volt motor driving a generator causing it output to be transferred back to the battery. Secret may be in the frequency of operation of the switcher controlling both the motor and generator in sequence that is one off one on. Further information available from Bedini Electronics Inc last known address P.O box 769 San Fernando ,CA 91341

Tom Bearden

T.E Bearden theory of how to get free energy from the environment entitled Towards a new Electromagnetics.

Nicola Tesla

Perhaps the greatest electrical engineer and inventor this century has seen even surpassing Edison Gave us numerous inventions ranging from water fountains to the three phrase power system and induction motors. Astounding achievement for his time was the construction of two A.C. Generator plants at Niagara Falls in 1895 which produced eleven mega watts. Believed he could transmit electrical energy anywhere in the world with the need of wire but ran out of financial support before he could make his dream a reality. His laboratory mysteriously caught fire and was immediately offered financial help from the money men of his day if he would work for them. Nicola Tesla refused. On his death his abode was raided by the American Government agencies and his belongings seized Unusual for any person unless there was something to hide.

John Lorenzen

Featured on the Australian ABC Tv showing his energy independent farm and experiments of the use of hydrogen fuel. Unfortunately this program did not show how his system worked.

Bruce Cathie

A retired New Zealand airline pilot, has formulated ideas of how the Universe works, by using the rules of harmonics of time,space ,light,energy he has calculated

Moray B King

Built a unit he claimed could extract energy from the environment by the use of special plasma tubes tuned to resonate at particular frequency several attempts made on his life. His family still trying to duplicate results their father achieved.

Roy J.Myers

The Arizona convict inventor who was paroled for thirty days while he went to Washington to secure a patent. Device consisted of magnetized steel plates set in a circle the method of preparing them was apparently kept secret the mechanism attracts electricity .This was then carried by wires to a transformer.

Howard Johnson

U.S. Patent no 4,151,431 has put together a magnetic motor consisting of only magnets some of these are specially shaped.

Hans Coler

German pre world war 2 inventor who then had the rank of captain put together several energy units that were claimed to have produced electricity. Questioned by the Allied powers after war and is suggested they saw working devices.

John R. R Searl

During 1946-1956 claims that were built by himself a series of flying disks that flew under there own power obtained from the enviroment.

R Kromrey

Designed an unsual generator in that all four amature poles are of the same direction that is all being north or all are south poles. Whilst stator are normal configuration. United States Patent 3,374,376 filed Jan 3 1964 see illustration

Mr Perrigo

From 1916 to 1927 Kansas city Mo., newspapers of the day reported on his device called an electrical accumulator which drew electricity from the atomosphere not many details but passing people and fanning air currents increased the power output.

Chauncey J Britten

Device extract energy from the air radio apparatus U.S. pat 1826,727 file october 1932

John Ecklin

Has put together elctrical generators with no brushes it consist of two set of c shaped magnets or electromagnets and two pickup coils at 90 degrees to each other, in the centre is a rotating magnetic pathway that makes and breaks a magnetic circuit between magnet and the pickup coils. John Ecklin 6143 K. Edsall rd. Alexandria Va 22304.

Paul Brown

Has also offered designs for variable reluctance generators as well

Stan Meyer of Grove City Florida

Claims to have putt together a fuel cell that vibrates with the resonant frequency of water to liberate the hydrogen gas in water allows for the economical release of hydrogen and gives greater control some doubts about him however

Robert Adams

New Zealand inventor. Has a device called the Adams Pulsed Motor Generator device consist a four pole amature of like poles and six pole position stator four of the stator positions are used to drive motor while the other two act to pickup generator current Inquiries directed to Nexus Australia. Where they have a manual detailing the device.

Joseph R. Zurbis

In 1969 becoming digusted with his normal automobile invested a couple of hundred dollars on putting together an electrical car .he succeed in in producing an unique design which he estimated cost only $100 a year to run. the patent claimed doubling the efficiency of the series motor. U.S. pat #3,809,978(31)

Ed Gray

Built a electric motor using battery voltage increase so that it would jump spark gaps and give pulsating magnetic fields. claims was more than 90% efficient. U.S pat#3,890,548

Viktor Schauberger 1885-1958

Bavarian inventor who sought answers from nature in the particular the spiral Felt that present sciences concentrated on the destructive side of nature to produce energy and felt we should be working with nature using the non destructive side of.(implosion rather than explosive.) see more in main body of disk magazine.

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