Don't Be Surprised

I wanted to bring back my Don't Be Surprised series that I left behind when I lost my SentinelKrypton channel. I thought it'd be relevant again, as it always was. Basically the premise of this series is to warn people of things that are due to happen down the line. Because once they happen basically most people will trip out on the event or the technology and react in the way that the predictive programming they received via movies and the media prepared them to. RFID, HAARP, mind altering or mind controlling weapons and technology, weather modification, earthquake generators, all that. This part and a few others will be about Project Blue Beam. I admonish ANYONE to go do the homework on this document and relevant technology and Serge Monast. Basically in the end you won't be surprised once these things take place. "You better open up your third eye 'fore I open it for you." --Jedi Mind Tricks "The more you know..."
3rdKrypton > Don't Be Surprised: p1 Project Blue Beam
A nice playlist of 87 videos.

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