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Arveni, based in France, claim to have developed the world's first batteryless device powering a bidirectional radio. This has been developed to power an infrared remote control. The device uses a powerful piezoelectric microgenerator, which delivers up to 90mW (for the first transmission in infrared). Arveni also integrated a low power radio based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard. This radio features 'bidirectional communication' - ideal for point to point applications where the user wants to know if his command has been received correctly. In this case, Arveni has added an LED onto the remote control, that lights when the acknowledgement of receipt of the receiver is received by the remote control. The LED is also powered by the microgenerator.
World first from Arveni - Energy Harvesting Journal

Batteryless infrared remote control powered by Arveni microgenerator - Denver event, nov2009
ARVENIsas > Arveni's batteryless remote control presentation (part 1/2)

Batteryless infrared remote control powered by Arveni microgenerator
ARVENIsas > Arveni's batteryless remote control presentation (part 2/2)

Arveni is an innnovating start-up, in the cleantech business. Our products, the microgenerators, are intended to power the wireless applications, and the wireless sensor networks.  Arveni has developped a proprietary technology of piezo energy harvesting. We offer products, that convert mechanical surrounding energy in electricity. Arveni value added is the high rate of conversion of its product, for a relativelly small size (typical size similar to AA battery). Arveni offers world class energy harvesters.  Our microgenerators are a new renewable energy for wireless applications, like: remote controls, switches, home automation, metering, industrial sensors. Arveni targets to become a leading industrial company, for the supply of microgenerators, in Europe, and in the world. 
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