All of the extraterestial species are here already

Interstellar probes can carry out slingshot manoeuvres around the stars they visit, gaining a boost in velocity by extracting energy from the star's motion around the Galactic Centre. These maneouvres carry little to no extra energy cost, and in previous work it has been shown that a single Voyager-like probe exploring the galaxy does so 100 times faster when carrying out these slingshots than when navigating purely by powered flight (Forgan et al. 2012). We expand on these results by repeating the experiment with self-replicating probes. The probes explore a box of stars representative of the local Solar neighbourhood, to investigate how self-replication affects exploration timescales when compared with a single non-replicating probe. We explore three different scenarios of probe behaviour: i) standard powered flight to the nearest unvisited star (no slingshot techniques used), ii) flight to the nearest unvisited star using slingshot techniques, and iii) flight to the next unvisited star that will give the maximum velocity boost under a slingshot trajectory. In all three scenarios we find that as expected, using self-replicating probes greatly reduces the exploration time, by up to three orders of magnitude for scenario i) and iii) and two orders of magnitude for ii). The second case (i.e. nearest-star slingshots) remains the most time effective way to explore a population of stars. As the decision-making algorithms for the fleet are simple, unanticipated "race conditions" amongst probes are set up, causing the exploration time of the final stars to become much longer than necessary. From the scaling of the probes' performance with star number, we conclude that a fleet of self-replicating probes can indeed explore the Galaxy in a sufficiently short time to warrant the existence of the Fermi Paradox.
[1307.1648] Slingshot Dynamics for Self Replicating Probes and the Effect on Exploration Timescales

Long ago I've argued that in stead of a manned space mission we should make a probe factory up-there and shoot an ever increasing number of probes in all directions.

Together a long row of probes would make up a daisy chain network with redundancy, probes could for example communicate with 3 or 4 probes in front and behind it.

We could stretch out our proverbial arm far into the galaxy.

I considered it a big loss when we let voyager get out of range, we had plenty of time to make a follow up, perhaps not with the sexy trajectory but with some more advanced rocketeering.

This idea is so obvious it cant be that a million year old civilization didn't think of it. More likely their later probes turned into space outposts, space stations and eventual space cities.

Being able to travel to the other end of the world is not a requirement for people to be able to live there. Most people never go to most places. (additionally: When they do the are usually less valuable than the natives.)

To protect a habitat one would need/want to have huge walls around it, for us humans 10 km seems a good start to block the radiation.

In stead of building these walls out of concrete or other construction materials it would be much easier to remove the inside from an existing celestial body.

Be it an asteroid, a planet or even a comet or a sun.

one could shoot a projectile into the sun that shoots a projectile back at the rear end.

That way one could try drill deeper and deeper into it, gradually use stronger materials and faster projectiles one could certainly reach a point where one can drill deep enough to build a habitat. (It might even be made of water entirely)

Building habitats INSIDE smaller planets would be easy, one would of course chose the more interesting places for research. Mars would work but one would have little to do beyond mineral surveys. (same as the base before and the one after)

Older races would most definitely extend into other galaxies, it would be like being the first man on the moon or like Columbus discovered India.

All of this is so obvious that a single human (me) can think of it while knowing other hairless apes had thought of it long before him.

The species would quickly discover another and (war or not) they would exchange information.

It means we can safely rule out any of the advanced species not having some sort of base inside "our" planet. Even those who are not interested in humans have one.

It would be extremely easy to convince our primitive species that they do not exist.

They would be so convincing at it that the collective could spot thousands of strange flying crafts and submarines without the slightest consideration.

Millions of people could be abducted for research without the collective so much as raising an eye brow.

In fact, the only thing preserving humanity would be those other aliens who still want to have a closer look at the species.

Picture it, here you are doing your biological experiments then some bunch of primitive space travelers wrecks your lab.

You are not going to put up with it.

Your species has a billion years of experience in galactic wars and theirs only just discovered the concept.

You just wont put up with it, you would squash them like flies.

If they do it again you would go to their home world to convince them to stop, one way or another. You wouldn't even need a battle ship to take on their entire fleet. One wouldn't even have to entertain the almost rhetorical question: So, you blew up my laboratory twice? A single probe would conquer their entire planet. Go read "The mind has no firewall", even if one tries to make a firewall, it wont be good enough to keep out the more intelligent species with the superior technology. It would be like your mud dyke type 0 firewall wasn't there at all. The primate sand castle kickers wont be granted a billion years to come up with something that is sufficiently advanced *just* so that they could finally continue eradicating the [human] population on that far away planet. Our death is just not interesting enough to bet their farm on. We are not dangerous either.

It follows that Earth is like a sort of natural resort, only we are the zebras and the elephants.

All the alien species are here - all of the time.

Including those who made humans from apes!!

The aliens concept of body modification is easily advanced enough to take the shape of a such human.

Making hybrids at that point is as easy as taking candy from a baby.

If you (the reader) still don't get it....

Then look at your own political activities, if you are one of these rare humans not watching porn and stupid Hollywood movies every free hour of the day, play some idotic video game or are engaged in something equally meaningless, if you are really that interested in how the world is ruled, start wondering: how much influence do you have on the system?

You might be supper smart, the pornographers are just not interested in your stories of prosperity.

Even most of the smartest most politically active among our species have a fetish with wage slavery, or some other type of enslavement of humans. An idea completely out of its time, a complete disregard for our tech level.

Our smartest people look to our dumbest people for guidance in that and argue the world would end without employment. The video games would run out of interesting content! The skin would peal from their penis! They would get fat and stay drunk, if not stoned or high! Slavery is the only way!

Human individuals simply don't have what it takes to build the civilization we have today. If this planet was ran by humans we would have nuked the shit out of it long ago.

It doesn't matter how many bottles of booze you drink or how much world of warcraft you play, your activities are simply not relevant to the result. You don't have what it takes to stop total destruction. It doesn't interest you enough to invest your time and money into your own existence.

While we are an all purpose design that part was deliberately left out.

There is no issue with telling you this, the story is just to weird for your indoctrination to tell it to the other hairless apes.

Our massive medical funds don't go towards research into immortality, it is used to buy big houses, boats, vacations and expensive gem stones.

You just quickly expire in 80 short years.


That was my last line, then the browser crashed just before I got to hit "post". My post was preserved after restoring the session, enabling external iframes and reloading the page it miraculously reappeared. Point being: It shows multiple influences that are not traceable back to their source. While it is reasonable to think Disquss would save backups it is still totally weird for browsers to crash in 2014. Then the timing of it was just perfect. While I admit this part to be pure speculation of the most certain kind - do you seriously think this would not be the kind of thing *they* would be reading? Fuck, they are probably laughing so hard that it hurts reading this. hahaha

amen bro!

may the alien lords be with you!

may your illusion of foresight of all technological possibilities continue to dilute you!

*insert holographic smiley face*

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