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6 High Estrogen Foods MEN SHOULD AVOID!
Russian scientists have developed a supermolecule that can speed up human tissue regeneration
Biologists discover bacteria communicate like neurons in the brain
Human origins: Are we hybrids?
Nutrition and Behavior - Russell Blaylock
I know the human being and chicken can coexist peacefully
The Ocean Cleanup - developing technologies to extract prevent and intercept plastic pollution - Boyan Slat
Why animals eat psychoactive plants - Ronald K. Siegel
Patrick Flanagan
The Companies That Control Everything
Resource Abundance by Design - William McDonough
Miraculous resurrection astonishes doctors
Jeremy England - Thermodynamic Theory of the Origin of Life
The Private Life of a Cat
Rupert Sheldrake
Biological Warfare. Plum Island & Lab 257
The roots of plant intelligence - Stefano Mancuso
On the verge of creating synthetic life - Craig Venter
Crow Makes Tools
Clever Hans - horse performs arithmetic though telepathy
The New Biology - Where Mind and Matter Meet - Bruce Lipton
Telegony, Part 2 : Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
Tobacco Plants Tapped to Grow Solar Cells
Replicating Rapid-prototyper - RepRap
Omega Garden Hydroponic System
Mushrooms can save the world - Mycologist Paul Stamets
How to grow your own fresh air
Self-Organizing Systems (SOS) - Steen Rasmussen
Permaculture - Geoff Lawton -
Electromagnetic radiation from mobile towers kills worker bees
Bacterial eat plastic bag Daniel Burd
The Aquatic Ape Theory--Elaine Morgan
Dead Society
Behind Greening the Desert
The Venus Transit Biohazard.02 - Guth Usenet (public but censored)
Test politicians using Neuroscience
NSi Inventor of the Year: Stuart Wenham
The Promise of Biochar
BioPower - Biologically Inspired Ocean Power Systems
Is our Baltic sea for peace or for war stupidity?
Poorman's Garden! Grow TONS of food FAST! from seeds
Europe's trade with developing countries
Chinese auto maker Dongfeng to develop dedicated hydrous ethanol engines
biogas can replace all EU natural gas imports
Green gas could help heat homes
Homade Ethanol Still Cheap Fuel
Overpopulation Dictum? Better Change the Carrying Capacity of Earth!
Survivalist Seeds
Decky's Life Plan
MIT Clean Tech/GABA Lecture
Saving my Europe
Kevin Kelly on how technology evolves

I finally found the meaning of life
We are the last humans on Earth
Cleave Baxter
Science and Health - Radionics - PSI COUNSEL
Most Planets May Be Seeded With Life
Dr. David Berlinski
Viktor S. Grebennikov
Germany warns citizens to avoid using Wi-Fi - Green Living, Environment - The Independent
The Secret Life of Plants
Wireless powered farming vehicles
Living roofs produce food, clean the air and conserve energy
Elephant Paints Self Portrait
Home Brew Biodiesel Genset
asteroid Eros is a giant bone
Artificial Meat
Chimps beat us to that human touch
life and the 3rd parent
The Secret Life of Plants
the biology of eating

The structure of information
Insect man voted the greatest