Changing Why Wars Happened by Lucy Steigerwald --

Well, hawks continually attempt to retcon real life. One thing about war which can be retconned easily is its motivations. Any war fought by the good guy USA can be retconned into necessary and noble as long as you remove all the past inconsistencies and gray areas.
Changing Why Wars Happened by Lucy Steigerwald --

Slavery is just forced labor. If you are a slave you have to work or else you will be punished or killed.

Please do compare it with the current situation: If you don't own any land today and you don't have any coupons of value in your name then you are forced to work.

Punishments are very limited today which means you will be out on the street for even the most microscopic offense, if you are 3 minutes late... *poof you are gone*

The most significant component here is selective breeding. Because you were 3 minutes late that day you are send down a spiral of poverty where every following day is worse than the one before.

It is just like selecting the cows who give the most milk or picking the tree with the most fruit.

It may shock you if you think about it but it use to work like this: People had language and their own thoughts for the purpose of doing things.

We see that the livestock of modern slaves still has thoughts but they have no relation to sustaining themselves or lack all constructive components. The modern slave uses language but without the ability to think constructively for himself nor for his fellow human beings he is without constructive dialog and he doesn't have anyone to practices with. On the contrary.

Would we suddenly free these people from themselves they wouldn't know what to do. They don't even know they could do something.

Think of big industrial cities where few big corporations hired a specific set of very skilled workers. The moment the big corporation leaves the stage you don't see the army of highly skilled and overly tailored selection of [proverbial] welders, designers and sales men try anything. They just sit themselves down and cry about the old days turning their city into a shity.

I'm afraid to go there but these people are not our friends, they are not the good guys so to speak. If you give them a gun or a club and instruct them to violate those people over-there they are simply happy to have a job and will do it regardless of ethical consequences, even if they may die in the process.

While in the old days we had to beat the slave into submission today people are happy to go do whatever their owner tells them to.

Every next generation is "better" at it than the one before.

Look how those protests against the Vietnam war were met with violence. Then when the genocide in Vietnam was finally over we got the veteran narrative. Look how the mind slave glorified the napalming rapists.

Nowadays the intend is to destabilize the middle east. Millions died for this nonsensical goal. We see these same drone serial numbers mass murder and then glorify the killing.

They will even buy their kids some war simulator funded directly by the military for the purpose of recruitment. If you confront them with this they will endlessly demonstrate that they use language has no aspect of action, they use words for the purpose of destroying constructive dialog and to prevent you from doing things.

For them there is winning the discussion and losing it. If they win then killing people is a good thing, if they lose then they walk away in anger.

They will try anything to accomplish the victory. The favorite seems to be to attempt to make the whole war thing your idea. You brought up the topic. You are the messenger who needs to be killed.

I recently arrived at an even more disturbing picture....

If you have a bunch of instructions written down then either have people follow these instructions uncritically or [in case of criticism] have the person replaced. Then you have a system that is entirely without human influence. You are simply not living in a world ruled by humans anymore.

What we have in stead is a new kind of entity that [in my humble opinion] should be considered alive. It has the ability to think in that it can hire people who can produce the specific thought a situation calls for.

The board of directors is obligated to make money for share holders. This is every bit the survival instinct we see in all species.

If you are standing there with a bucket by the side of the road that doesn't equate to a position of leadership over that road. Your choices are limited to washing peoples car window properly and get paid or not. Your actions might merit punishment either way. It is all written down in the big book and the officer of the law is simply following instructions. His freedom as a person is limited to giving you a few warnings or not. He is not in charge of the situation. People who wrote those laws have a clear set of instructions too. They are to make traffic work. If people get in the way of traffic laws have to be written.

But the moment those laws are written down the law maker is assigned to a new task. Long after he dies the process that was the product of his effort is still very much alive.

We have this idea that we can change things when they need to be changed simply by voting but think about it, what percentage of rules and regulations in this world was written by dead people? How long did it take to write all that? Surely we have only the resources to review a highly insignificant percentage of them.

We portray our robotic overlords in movies the same way we portray aliens. The robot has arms and legs and a head that looks just like a human.

Everyone knows that our robotic overlords will look very different. So what will they look like? Would they perhaps be non-corporeal? Would their intelligence be such that they can take the child like humanity by the hand and tell her stories about father Christmas?

Why spend billions on advertisement if it doesn't directly write things to the collective subconscious of the humanity?

Do we seriously expect people to collectively get out of their chair, open the window and scream I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore?

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